15 Best Office ID Card Templates

Nowadays security is a top concern for all offices. This is because trespassers can enter and damage or harm employees. It is important to have something effective that will allow one to recognize employees.

What is an office ID card?

An office ID card is a card used to recognize a particular employee. This is because it has details of this person.


Importance of an official ID card

Robberies, harmful attacks, etc. can easily happen in an office where there is no security. People who claim to work there can enter and cause much disruption. It is tough for guards to remember everyone who works there. This is why it is helpful if all staff members have an office ID card.

Tips to create an office ID card

This is an important card and should be made simple without much detail. It should be easy for people to recognize the person with this. Considering this, the following tips can be looked at:

  1. Details of the company: The logo and name of the company must be given. This will help recognize where the person works.
  2. Recent picture: This is one of the most necessary things to include in the office ID card. It helps recognize that the person is the one on the ID card. Without a picture, anyone can claim to be that person. The picture should be clear. State the name and job position of the employee under this. The name can be printed in a big font. The font used for the card should be a readable one.
  3. Details of the employee: Over here include the phone, email, employee ID, and date of birth of the person. This can be used in case a client needs to contact the person. On the back of the card, the contact details of the company can be given. This will be helpful if some emergency happens to the person.

Color and graphics that are simple may be added to the office ID card so that it looks good and attracts people’s eyes. It should nevertheless be simple.

Here, we have compiled some of the most professional and finest-looking office ID cards for you so that you can download the template. You can choose any one of these cards and can easily add in the details.


The striped white and blue card holds the honor of being a very delicate and incredible office ID card. It is not overflown with a big picture or a lot of unnecessary details, rather it only requires a few.

A logo of the company, which holds an important place in recognition of the organization will be placed on top of the card, where it will be most visible.

The first and last name of the employee with his designation, date of birth, and the date of expiry of the card will come just below it. The address of the organization and a picture will be placed at the bottom and right sides respectively.

Office ID Card Template MS Word

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
Size: 161.0 KB
[Personal Use Only]


Some people believe that the dark shades can bring more glory and professionalism to the card. We can’t agree more after seeing this card. The smart design that the card follows gives it an extraordinary look. The right side of this card is purely dedicated to the picture on a black background and a barcode that will come below it.

On the left side of it, the company name will top all the other details while the name of the employee, his designation, date of birth, etc. will follow it.

The last detail that will be required from the user is the address of the organization that is placed at the bottom of the card.

Office ID Card Template

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
Size: 199.0 KB
[Personal Use Only]


The design of this card may look typical, but just stare at it for a second and you will start to love the artistic look it has to offer. The background is not simple and boring, but the design is everything here.

This patterned background is caged from the upper and bottom sides by a light shade of brown. This technique not only makes it neater but also adds to its beauty of it. The name of the employee, code, date of birth, and date will be placed in the middle portion to the left side while the picture of the employee will come on the right.

The name of the employee, code, date of birth, and card expiry will be placed in the middle portion to the left side while the picture of the employee will come on the right.

Office ID Card Sample

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
Size: 357.0 KB
[Personal Use Only]


Grey ID card can never disappoint, can it? A picture of size 1.2″ X 1.2’’ is the most prominent element of this card as it is placed right in the middle of it. The details will be positioned on the left side of the picture. The niceties are the same ones that are the most necessary ones, these include the name of the employee, date of birth, and the date of expiry of the card.

You can download this simple and elegant card now and after simply adding in the details you can print it on any material you wish to use.

Office ID Card Sample Template

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
Size: 165.0 KB
[Personal Use Only]


This is another striped card on our list. The color combination is rather a bold one here. The deep red top and left side of the card are giving it an eye catchy look while the strips of lighter shades are making it look professional and presentable. A bigger sized picture will be required for this card.

The best thing about it is that the main focus of it is either on the picture of an employee or the company he is working in. Other than this, his name and designation are placed at the bottom in a smaller font.

Office ID Card Template

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
Size: 192.0 KB
[Personal Use Only]