Personal Bodyguard ID Badges

People keep personal security guards when their life is in danger. It is a basic right of every individual to take steps to protect their life. So, if they feel unsafe, they can hire a personal security guard. 

What is a personal bodyguard ID badge?

People who protect individuals with their expertise and skills are required to be identified so that it can be ensured that only a legitimate person can reach the person.

Basic elements added to these types of ID badges include:

Title of the badge:

On the top of the badge, there should be a title of ‘’personal bodyguard’’ so that people can identify the cardholder. For instance, if a person has been invited to a seminar and wants his bodyguard to be there with him, the ID card of the bodyguard will help him get identified and get access to that place.

Details of the bodyguard:

Below the title, the personal details of the cardholder must be specified. These details should include all those elements that are needed by people when they feel the need to identify the security guard and they want to know about those elements.

Latest photograph of the cardholder:

It is very important to have a photograph of the cardholder on the card. The photograph should be recent and the person who bears the card should get identified at a first glance with the help of the recent photograph.

The license number of the security guard:

Every person working as a bodyguard whether for an individual or an organization is required to earn a license to be able to work in this area. It is illegal for a person to hire someone who does not have that license. There is a unique license number issued to every security personnel. This number should be mentioned on the card so that people at the entrance can verify the identity of the cardholder.

How to design the personal bodyguard Id badge?

When you are designing an id badge for someone you have hired for security reasons, you have the freedom to design the card with your desired preferences. It depends on what type of card you want. However, make sure that the card suits the bodyguard’s nature of the job.

Basic guidelines to design:

There are various design ideas. Follow the guidelines given below:

  1. Try to demonstrate all the details on the front of the id card so that no one has to touch the card to flip it over and see the backside.
  2. Make sure that the card is created in its standard size so that it naturally looks like an identification badge
  3. If you don’t know how to design a card, use a pre-designed id badge for your bodyguard instead of creating a card that is a complete disaster.
  4. Use a color combination that makes the card look aesthetically pleasing.

Sample Badges


Personal bodyguard ID badge

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Personal bodyguard ID badge

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Personal bodyguard ID badge

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Personal bodyguard ID badge

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Personal bodyguard ID badge

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