Fake Driver License ID Cards

Some companies (like the ones providing transportation services) hire drivers. These drivers are issued with identity cards so that it becomes easier for both the company and the customers to identify the driver and for security staff to ascertain that the person entering the vehicle parking is not an impersonator but an actual employee of the company.

Since these companies hire many drivers, they generally make a template ID card and save it. This template is then filled in later according to requirements. This saves effort and due to the same format, it becomes familiar to staff and security and they can analyze it in one look. The Drivers are required to carry these cards at all times while they are on duty.

There are many benefits and uses of a driver’s ID badge.

  • The first and most important use of the ID badge is identification. It is very important for safety and security purposes that the employees are easily identifiable and that no one can impersonate an employee.
  • Another important benefit is that it gives a very professional look to the business when all the employees wear their ID badges. A visitor gets the impression of a successful business where there is a check over everything.
  • There is a rise in team spirit and company loyalty when everyone is wearing the ID badge and having a company name. It makes the drivers identify themselves as company employees.
  • Often the badges are color-coded, where different colors show different security clearance levels. It makes it easy for the security staff to control access to different parts of the office.
  • The badges often have bar codes for swipe access to the parking garages, which is a very important and useful feature.

The main contents of the ID badge are:

  • Company name and Logo: It should be written in a big font on the top of the card and the logo should be in the middle with the name.
  • Name of the Driver: The driver’s name should be written in front which is big enough to be seen from a distance.
  • Picture of the driver: The driver’s picture would be placed in the right-hand corner. It should be a current picture of size (1 by 1). Many companies have a rule that drivers must update their pictures every three to four years.
  • Employee Identification Number: Every employee is generally given a number used in records and the finance department for their identification. This number should be added to the ID badge.
  • Age: The driver’s age would be mentioned here. It is important to make this entry because at times the job assignments on which the drivers have to be sent are age-specific so when the age is clearly mentioned on the ID badge, the manager can ascertain that the driver is not underage or overage for the job before assigning him.
  • Identification mark: This is an additional check to ensure that the person carrying the ID badge is the actual driver. These could be a scar or a mole or any feature that can be used for identification.
  • Blood group: This information is often added in case of an accident it is urgently required and it can be lifesaving.
  • Issue date and Expiry date of the card: Adding this information ensures that no past employee can use their card to enter the premises or gain access to the vehicles using an old card.
  • Bar code: Often these cards are used for an additional purpose such as entry passes i.e. the drivers can enter the premises by swiping their ID badges so a bar code is added to the driver’s ID badge.

These ID badges can be made by the company themselves as templates are available online and can be customized according to their requirement. Usually, these Id badges are printed in landscape format and laminated for a professional look and durability.

Fake Driver License ID Card
Fake Driver License ID Card
Fake Driver License ID Card
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Fake Driver license id card
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Driver license ID card template
Driver license ID card template
Driver license ID card template
Drivers license card template

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