Travel Agent ID Badges

A travel agent is a professional service provider, whose job is to enable people to get travel-related services such as reservation of tickets, booking a place at the destination, arranging travel-related facilities for clients and customers, and much more. Travel agents are usually approached by busy people and those people who don’t have any idea as to how they can do several types of travel-related arrangements. They pay the agent and expect to see the services available to them. 

Different travel agencies are working in different parts of the world and you can find one very easily around you. These agencies are generally run by travel agents who represent them. 

What is an id badge of a travel agent?

Different individuals are working in the travel agency. Every individual has a different job to perform and based on the job, a different designation. When a customer wants to meet a travel agent, the id badge will help him quickly recognize that person. 

The customer also feels comfortable while dealing with the person with the id badge because this is when he can be sure that he is talking to a legitimate person because he cannot handover his travel-related management to any random person without confirming that the person he is talking to is a real travel agent.


Travel agent ID badge

Badge Size: 1.5 MB


Travel agent ID badge

Badge Size: 1.5 MB


Travel agent ID badge

Badge Size: 1.5 MB


Travel agent ID badge

Badge Size: 1.5 MB


Travel agent ID badge

Badge Size: 1.5 MB

Why does a travel agent need an id card?

Professional people like travel agents cannot work without having an ID badge because it recognizes them as well as their designation. So, they don’t have to prove their position wherever they go. 

An ID card also shows the association of the travel agent with the company because it includes the name and logo of the company. A travel agent doesn’t need to tell everyone which company he works for.  

Some many benefits and privileges are only for those people who work for a travel company. So, if a person wants to get those benefits, he will have to prove his connection with the travel company. When he shows the id card, he can get a discount or any other privilege. For example, travel agents can get a free reservation at any restaurant as the company pays on their behalf. But this happens only when a person has an id card with him. 

In some companies, there is a system of automatic attendance. The employees are required to scan their id cards in the card reader for marking their attendance. This technique is useful especially when companies want to ensure that attendance is being marked fairly. 

How to design a travel agent id card?

Sometimes, you have to prove that you are a travel agent and you show your id card to the concerned person or department. However, if you have already lost your id card, you will need a new one which is not immediately available. In this situation, you can choose to design an identity card for yourself that you can use at some places to prove that you are a legitimate person. However, you must design the id card in such a way that it looks like the original one. Follow the tips given below:

Use the correct format:

Just like any other document, id badges also have a unique format. Your badge will not look like a professional identity badge unless you have used the correct format. Therefore, it is very important to get yourself familiarized with the format. You should know what details are added at the top and on the front face and what details are added at the bottom or the back of the card. 

Give authentic identity details:

Just because you are not using an original id card does not mean you can go with adding the wrong details to it. Provide your authentic details which can help others identify you and not doubt the authenticity of your card. 

Choose a standard size:

Some people use this card as an additional tool apart from the one identity tool issued by officials. The size of this card should be standard so that it does not look awkward when you wear it and move anywhere for an official tour.