Vertical ID Badges for Various Categories

ID Badges:

ID badges are identity cards that employees, students, or any other official members use. ID badges are used for the identification of individuals at official levels. Restaurant staff, airport staff, and staff of different agencies, companies, and institutes, all wear ID badges during their working hours. It gives them their distinctive recognition. 

ID badges can be of two types in their style and directive. They can be either in horizontal shape or vertical. 

Horizontal vs. Vertical ID Badges:

Horizontal badges and verticals both are used in official places by employers and employees. According to a survey, 75% of people use horizontal ID badges, and 25% use vertical ID badges. This does not mean to say that the former is preferable to the latter or vice versa. It is totally about the usage and not preference. 

Recently, it has been seen that people like vertical ID badges more, and thus, they find it more in trend. People like horizontal or vertical badges depending on their interests. 

Administrators of a company or organization decide the framing and size of ID badges. They do it keeping in view what is in trend and fashion, and what suits the niche of their business. 

There are no big differences between the horizontal and vertical framing of ID badges. A horizontal ID badge has more space for words and prints as compared to a vertical ID badge. A horizontal ID badge can cover large phrases in one line whereas there is less room for print in vertical framing. 

When one wants to make the name of the employee, its designation, and its profile image more prominent, then he can choose vertical framing. But if one has many details to mention on the ID badge, i.e., email, address, phone number, designation, and other personal information, then a horizontal ID badge would work best. 

Why Vertical ID Badge?

If you ask this in the context of horizontal vs. vertical ID badges, then there is no definite answer for that as it depends on your preference. 

Individually, a vertical ID badge looks more professional and seems to be more in fashion. Thus, choosing from vertical or horizontal framing of the ID badge is up to you. 

What to Add to a Vertical ID Badge?

Just like a horizontal ID badge, you can add all the important information here. You are required to be mindful of what to add and what to not because the space in vertical ID badges is lesser than that with horizontal framing. 

Add the following credentials:

  • Name of the employee
  • Designation of the employee
  • Picture of the employee
  • Contact number 
  • ICE number
  • Name of the company
  • Brief address
  • Logo of the company
  • Signature by an authorized person


It is recommended to use professional services from a credible service provider. ID badges are the representation of your brand and business and an employee is a representative. Your business would be judged by the employees you have there. Therefore, use professional and credible services that are cost-effective and provide effective thematic and graphical designs for your company‚Äôs ID badges. 

Vertical Design ID Badge Template

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