School ID Card Formats

Schools are the places where pebbles are polished to precious stones. It lays the initial groundwork for every individual for doing great things in life. It is believed that a strong foundation leads to a strong building of character and morals. Schools are the early education place for every kid and greatly influence how they will live their life and navigate through different circumstances.

ID or identification card is a piece of paper that provides information about every individual wearing it. It is used to assist in the initial introductory phase by providing general details. Every workplace, institute ask their people to wear identification card because they act as the representatives of their workplace and can help others out.

Similarly, all educational institutes also make it necessary for their students to wear their identification cards on regular basis. It makes it easier identification of every kid by the school administration and adds to the discipline. Formats of ID cards may vary from one school to another depending on administration requirements, but they usually provide similar information.


ID cards of school students are very simple and basic because they are used for identification purposes only. The format of ID cards may vary for different school systems, but the difference only occurs in the alignment of text and pictures on paper. It does not include more or less information.

Format 1

Some school ID card formats include basic information about the student to keep the card simple and small. Contents of such ID card are given below,

  • Name of student
  • Picture of student
  • Name of school
  • Logo of school

Using this format relieves the administration of going through the hassle of collecting additional information about students.

Format 2

Some formats used by school administration require more information to provide details of students on their respective cards. It may vary depending on the choice of school, but it usually includes the following information,

  • Name of student
  • Picture of student
  • Grade of student
  • Name of class Incharge
  • Name of school
  • Logo of school
  • Contact information

Various formats of these ID cards are due to different preferences of schools. Some schools take these lightly while others take them seriously and hire designers for designing a customized ID cards for their school representation. Additionally, templates of school ID cards can be downloaded from the internet and used after filling the required fields.


It is very important for all educational institutions to make ID cards a necessity for every student. It has so many positive aspects not only for students but also for their parents. Some of the key features of a student ID card are given below,

  • It serves as a great student recognition tool for administration.
  • Contact information of the school allows a stranger to contact the administration in case of emergency.
  • Students of different grades have different color codes for their cards thus, making it easy while sort.
  • Students are representatives of their school, and their ID cards make them stand out and represent their institute.
  • It further adds to the discipline and decorum of the school.