Doctor Badge Maker for MS Word

Microsoft Word provides a variety of features to people in their professional life. No matter to which profession you belong, you can always get a badge for yourself by creating it with the help of the free doctor ID card maker which is a built-in feature of MS Word. Whether you need a simple card or one which is colorful and interactive, this tool will always help you in creating the card for your profession.

What is a doctor badge maker for MS Word?

It is a tool that most people use to create an ID card without taking the extra stress of thinking about the format, design, and other things. To create an identity badge, people used to get the services of professionals because they did not know how to use complex graphic designing software. Some also bought templates and then modified them which was an easy solution but they were not sure if someone else had also used the same template.

How to use the MS Word tool for creating an id card for a medical professional?

If you want to try out making an identity card with the help of the card maker of MS Word, follow the tips given below:

Open a blank document:

As soon as you open MS Word, you will have to open a blank document which is generally a completely new document and it has plenty of white space to work on.

Choose the card size:

After opening a blank page, you will have to choose the orientation of the document as the chosen orientation will reflect in the card also. Then, you will also have to select the dimensions of the document which are usually based on the dimensions of the card.

Make sure that you are aware of the standard card size because a card that is bigger or smaller than the standard size will always look awkward. Therefore, you should choose the size carefully.

Choose the shape:

After choosing the size, you will have to select the preferable shape of the card also. Usually, it is a rectangle with rounded or non-rounded edges.

Add the text:

Now is the right time for you to add text to the card. This will start with adding the name of the hospital where the doctor works. It will also include the name and department of the doctor, area of specialty, date of birth, address, etc.

A unique identification number that every hospital issues to its staff members should also be specified on the card.

Add images:

Some images that are added to the ID card are the logo of the hospital, a recent photograph of the doctor etc. make sure that you properly crop the picture to make it fit in the dimensions of the badge and look natural in it.

You might have to edit the image depending on the size of the card. Professionally crop the image and then paste it into the space that you have allocated to it.

Signatures of the doctor:

The card of the doctor should also include the signatures that will authenticate the doctor as well as his employment in a hospital. Since you are designing the card on your own and it is not being issued by an official source, adding signatures for authentication purposes is extremely important.

Tips for designing the ID card using a card maker:

Use lines for proper alignment:

If you want the text to be properly placed on the identity card and properly aligned, you can use lines in the card. These lines often enhance the look of the card. However, if you want these lines to not be visible, you can choose to change their color to the color of the background and they will become invisible.

Don’t add too many details:

Since the badge is a small credit card-size item, it cannot accommodate so many details on its surface. If you try to add them, they will make your card look so cluttered. In addition, the basic and most important details of the card will not be readable anymore. So, make sure to add what is necessary.

Sample Templates

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