Librarian ID Cards/Badges

In any workplace you are combined with, you will be provided ID badge which will ensure about your identity to others. Every organization will only hire identified and authorized workers. Id badge can allow you to access restricted areas too. Id badge will confide the employee, as he will be working with many other people.

Librarian ID Badges:

Working in a library will require your identity; this requirement will be fulfilled by librarian Id badge. By wearing an id badge a librarian can easily be identified among other people.


It will secure the librarian and library both as id badge will assure that he or she is the employee of this library. Id badge will help the librarian to get access to the library and serve it with your working.

Benefits of ID Badge:

A librarian ID badge can be used for displaying one’s identity along with the key information about the individual who’s wearing it.

  • Librarian can easily get introduced by her ID badge that he or she is the librarian or an authorized person of a library.
  • The librarian can be allowed to resolve the issues of library easily if he or she would be having that ID card to assure him/her self.
  • He or she can easily restrict people in a library for abiding the rules and regulations of the library.
  • You can use your ID card for determining your future and getting the job according to your passion, your ID badge will show your identity that what you are.
  • Librarian can easily use her ID badge to determine the rules of the library to others because he or she is responsible for any misconduct.

A librarian should use her ID badge to determine his or her identity to others. You are needed to use your ID badge for any legal problem it applies same with the librarian, whenever you go for having any professional work you will be needed to introduce yourself, it will be better done with your ID badge.


University students are recognised mainly by the badges that they wear while being at their campus for classes or when they visit any outdoor place for an excursion with concerned faculty.ID cards bear the university name which is the main component of identification, especially from where you belong or referred to. Likewise, librarians who are the caretakers of the library need to have an id card too for smooth management and professional approach. It caters students in getting guidance related to books and other sources from their campus libraries when they can easily recognise the respective senior person with a badge around his neck. You can even share your student id cards with your friends for borrowing books on behalf of your pal and even some companies offer awesome discounts on displaying your id cards at their outlet likes at movies or shopping malls.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
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University names are usually printed on a badge with their logo to highlight the motto of the educational institution. The essential entities that need to be mentioned on the card are Name of the librarian comprising of first name, last name, card issued date, ID number which is unique for every librarian, designation of the librarian, QR code or bar code for scanning especially comes handy in marking attendance and validity of the card.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
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Mainly the backgrounds should display an infographic icon to make the recognition more pleasing and aesthetic for the reader. So, keeping in view the library background, we came up with the design of books and gorgeous specs pic and pasted that behind the highlighted fields. Vibrant colour scheme is being implemented to keep the decent and modest touch of graphic icons. A separate place for photo of the id card holder is placed keeping in view the height and width to be 1.3 inches and 1 inch.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
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You can have simple yet elegant designs on our website where you will be getting customized templates of your choices. Tinted images are being embedded in each id card and maximum space is utilized to cater every aspect of a perfect id card. University name is always written on the top as the header, because that is what catches your attention at a glance. In some cards, opacity of the pasted picture has been dropped to 50 percent to make the visibility of the written content on the card and keeping the background image a bit dull.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
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Every set is catered very carefully and beautifully, and space occupied by each patch is appropriate in every context. A separate space for QR code and bar code is accommodated on the card from the machine’s perspective. Variety of options are being laid on website for the personalization of id cards and they can be used in organisations, universities, colleges or schools. You can fill in the required details according to your own need. Get hold of the one that fits your needs and flaunt away your cards with our glamorous and colourful patterns.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
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