Manager ID Cards

What are manager ID cards?

Manager ID cards or badges are the identification cards issued to the Manager by the employer of the organization. These are the employee cards that are issued to distinguish one employee from another.

Although an ID card holds significance for every employee, it becomes even more important for the employees who have the authority and hold important positions in the organization, such as a manager.

Benefits of using manager ID cards

There are many benefits associated with Manager ID cards, which is why organizations never ignore or delay their issuance. A few of such advantages are:

  • Having an ID card means the Manager can easily be distinguished from other people and employees.
  • It would be easy to manage the security by scanning the bar code on the Manager ID card.
  • A manager can easily use his parking slot by swiping his ID card.
  • The information of the Manager’s attendance and hours worked can easily be recorded in the company records through swiping the ID card.
  • Through the card, everyone would be aware of the Manager’s position and authority. For instance, if a person goes to a bank with a complaint, he knows that he has to approach the employee having the Bank Manager ID card.
  • It would be easier for a manager to show his badge and get the work done over which he has authority. For instance, if the manager is allowed to enter a server room, the ID card can make the entry quicker.
  • With these ID cards, the Managers can easily enter and meet the client’s premises.
  • The discounts, fringe benefits, etc., that are offered to the Manager by the organization, can easily be availed by swiping and showing the official employee card.

Use of technology in ID cards

With the level of technology being installed in the organizations, Manager ID cards have gone technically sound as well. Those times have passed when the Manager ID cards used to have only the basic information of name, picture, and ID card number.

Now, the chips and bar code technologies have made it possible for organizations to store a lot of magnetically encoded information on ID cards. Not only that but the stored information is also secured as well, which limits the chances of frauds and problems for the organization as well as the Manager.

For instance, if a thumb impression of the Manager is stored on his ID card, it is not possible for anyone to misuse that card. In addition, the technologically sound ID cards limit the possibilities of fake cards as well.

When an organization prepares a Manager ID card, it can design the template itself or can use a ready-made template, which is easily available through different programs and online sites.

ID card templates

The template, whether self-designed or ready-made, is easy to customize and edit for the details of the particular Manager. The details and information that need to be put on the Manager ID card are mainly dependent on the organizational requirements and priorities. However, the general details included are:

  • Name of the Manager.
  • Gender.
  • Picture of the Manager.
  • ID number.
  • Thumb impression.
  • Position and department.
  • Date of issuance.
  • Date of expiry.
  • Company name, address, and logo.
  • Signature of the employer or issuing authority.
  • Signature of the Manager.
  • Bar code.

The Manager is expected to always keep the ID card, especially during his time at the workplace. The organization places the responsibility of keeping the card safe onto the Manager, who needs to ensure that the ID card does not get lost or stolen.

Usually, organizations include an address on the ID cards, so that if the card gets lost, whoever finds it can send it to that address.