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What is an ID card?

An ID card is a small badge that is displayed by a worker or employee and is a part of his/her identity for work. Nowadays, almost every organization has made it mandatory for its employees to wear ID badges. ID badges are an important part of the dress code of employees of an organization. Like any other organization office employees also need ID cards as a token of their identity and their relationship with respective fields and companies.

Why ID Badges are important?

ID badges are important for the employees and the company because of the reasons given below:

  • Source of Identity:

    The first and foremost reason to have id cards for workers is the identification of the worker and their designation. ID cards have a picture of the workers along with their names and their post. So, people can know about the general information of the worker. Like any other organization, office employees should also wear an ID badge so that other people can identify them and their work.
  • Security:

    ID badges ensure the security of the company and the customers. When workers will wear authorized ID badges no outsider or unauthorized person can invade the privacy of the company. It will save the organization from any future misfortunes. For OFFICE EMPLOYEES only authorized will be given access to their respective departments.
  • Professionalism:

    When workers wear an ID badge, it gives them a more professional look and when they look professional, they will tend to act more professionally. When OFFICE EMPLOYEES will wear an ID badge, they will become more professional about their work and it will leave a good impact on the customers.
  • Promote the growth of the organization:

    ID badges have the logo of the organization and therefore, when workers wear ID badges, they are branding their company. When the organization will be more promoted it will attract more customers and when more customers are attracted the value of the company increases both in terms of fame and finances. Thus, an organization will grow more because of branding. When employees will wear ID badges it will definitely promote their respective departments.
  • Building the confidence of the customers:

    Since wearing and ID badge gives workers a professional look, customers will tend to trust them more. They will know that their belongings are safe with the people who are experts in their field. It will develop a bond of trust between the customers and the organization which will help the company in the longer run by making them their permanent customers.

Formats of ID Badges:

A simple and comprehensive ID badge carries all the necessary information about the employee. There are different designing formats for professional ID badges. Nowadays, thousands of attractive templates are available all over the internet. You can choose any template that fits best for your company. But if you want to design and customize your card yourself, you can do it as well.

Following are the important key-points that should be kept in mind while designing an ID card/badge;

  • The picture of employee is the most important tool for identification. Therefore, a professional picture of the worker should be displayed on the ID badge. The picture should be clear and look professional.
  • The name of the worker should also be displayed in the prominent letters.
  • Right after the name of the employee his/her designation should be mentioned.
  • The name and logo of the company should also be displayed prominently. If a company has its slogan then it should be mentioned too.
  • The address of the company is also mandatory to write on ID badge.
  • Different colors and designing styles can also be used to make a hint of the department that the workers belong to.

A good and effective ID badge holds all the necessary information about the employee. Therefore, employees should wear ID badges to make them look more committed and more professional.

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