Police ID Cards for MS Word

Identity cards are very important in this day and time. When every company is facing security issues every day, when it is the time of social media and we are facing an identity crisis, it is very important to verify who we really are.

Police ID cards are as important as any other field. But when police have a badge already why would they need an ID card? The simple reason is police badges are very common. They can be stolen and used. They can even be bought. So, it is easy to ask for a police ID card and verify them. The majority of the police id cards will include holographic overlays and logos.

When an individual has a badge as well as a police ID card, the chances of being authentic police are quite high. Police badges are very visible and can be replicated easily. However, no one knows which ID card style is the police department using, hence making it hard to copy.

Police ID cards are highly customized. They will include every mandatory detail regarding the individual. This not only helps to verify their identity, but it also can come in handy in case of an emergency.

Disclaimer: The given police id card templates are designs prepared by our professionals for designing layout and guidance only. We are not an agency/authority to provide these id cards/badges for any legal and/or official use.

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