Editable Press Pass Templates for Word

Sometimes, it becomes useful to recognize yourself as a journalist whenever it is needed. The media agencies issue the press cards to their reporters, photographers, writers and other professionals. The press card cannot replace the identity card issued by the government. These cards are only used by the agencies to recognize their workers as legitimate newspersons working for their organization.

What is a press pass?

Press pass ID cards are issued to journalists in order to give them certain privileges. The purpose of this ID card is to distinguish between legitimate journalists from those who are not legitimate. There are many people who claim to be a journalist.

The press pass makes the real journalist stand out as he has a proved authentication in the form of a press pass. The reporters and analysts who write for magazines and journals usually get a press pass.

These are the professional people who have devoted their lives to press work. The press pass ID card is also used to provide the proof that the bearer of the card is a professional journalist who is practicing journalism as a profession.

The journalist having press pass avails lots of benefits. The type and nature of benefits availed by the journalist depend on the press agency he works for. There are three basic categories of agencies: event organizers, law-enforcement agencies, news agencies. A press pass bearer can hold multiple passes also if he works for more than one agency.

The journalist can be a full-time journalist or a part-time. Both types of journalists are required to show their press pass in order to avail different type of benefits. However, there are some agencies that issue the press pass to only full-time journalists.

The importance of the press pass id card for a journalist:

It is almost impossible for a journalist to practice his job without having a press pass since he is required to show his pass while visiting different press-related events and functions. There are different tradeshows, concerts and social functions where the journalists are given access for reporting purpose.

Only those journalists are allowed to access these events that possess press pass. The journalists are also required to work in other countries for reporting which is the reason some companies issue the press pass which is recognized across the world.

There are many special rights given to journalists when they work for a press agency. These rights may vary from country to country and also from agency to agency. For example, many agencies provide special discount offers for their journalists which can be availed by them by showing their press pass.


If you are also running a journalistic agency and you are in the need to identify the journalists working for your agency as legitimate professionals, you should issue the press pass to them. The press pass provides the important information about the card bearer that is needed by the organizations and those locations which the journalist is trying to access. You can create professional press pass for your journalists with the help of a template.