School ID Card Templates for Word

Identification of a member from a non-member has become critical over time due to increasingly weakened security conditions. Institutions, such as schools, have started putting more effort into making cards that can easily track their students by issuing them school ID cards.

As the name states, school identification cards are for the recognition and identification of students. These ID cards are usually made of plastic and have the information that identifies a student of a certain school from non-students.


Technology has made these ID cards indispensable card for students as it allows for storing a lot of useful information on the cards.

The increasing threats to security have led many schools to strictly include ID card programs in their overall security plans. This program does not only entail the issuance of school ID cards to students but keeping and tracking student records are a pivotal part of this program as well.

There is software, such as Photo ID software, that helps in the accomplishment of these tasks involved in the ID card program. Different online templates are available for ID cards as well which makes the process easier and cheaper.

The decision of the school regarding the details and amount of information to be stored or presented on the ID cards defines what kind of ID cards it will issue. If a simple ID card with basic details with a picture is to be created, it can easily be made on programs such as MS Word or through online available templates.

However, due to the benefits associated with smart and technologically advanced ID cards, schools have started opting for those.

There are many purposes behind the issuance of school ID cards to students. They are useful for schools as well as students.

  • ID card makes security clearance easy and fast.
  • It helps to avoid unwanted visitors.
  • It can be used for a library, or cafeteria, getting tickets for school plays, getting discounts, etc.
  • The technologically advanced ID cards can contain barcodes or magnetic stripes that can make access students easier to laboratories, copy machines, etc.
  • If the ID card has rechargeable features for cafeterias or school transport etc, it helps students in case of unavailability of cash and avoids the hassle of payments. They can simply swipe the card.

School ID cards, however, are not restricted to students only. A school also issues ID cards to its teachers, management, and other staff members.

The basic purpose, however, is the same as that of a student ID card i.e. recognition and identification. In addition, due to increased security issues, schools have also introduced another idea of the visitor ID card as well.

If a visitor wants to enter the school premises for any purpose, the security staff takes all the relevant details and provides a temporary visitor ID card which is clearly differentiable from the main school ID cards for students or staff members.

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