5 Best Investigator ID Card Templates

We all know being an investigator is a tough job. A lot of it resides in the goodwill and impression that an investigator can create on his clients. For the first good impression, a professional ID card can do wonders for you.

We have compiled a list of the 5 best investigator ID card templates for you, which are easily downloadable and highly convenient to customize. These cards are made with the best designs and standard fields are left to be filled by the user of his own choice. By simply adding the required details to your chosen card, a match-winning card can be made.


The first one of the cards is best for anyone who wishes to have a simple and decent card having all the necessary information on the face of it. A prominent picture will be placed on the right side of the card while a black strip on top will have the first and last name of the investigator.

Other details like serial number, date of birth, mobile number, and the date of expiry will fall just below the name and beside the picture. The bottom of the card has the most different colored strip which really gives life to the card.

Investigator ID Card Template MS Word

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
Size: 97 KB
[Personal Use Only]


This patterned card made it to the 5 best investigator ID cards. It has got every detail that an investigator may need on his ID card. A picture of size 1.2″ X 1.5’’ will be placed elegantly on the left side while all the other details will come on the remaining part of it. These details include the name, date of birth, and the mobile number of the investigator himself.

The date of issuance and expiry will be written on a different colored background to make it more prominent. You can simply download this simple card and can make additions to this template accordingly.

Investigator ID Card Template

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
Size: 206 KB
[Personal Use Only]


This darkly shaded card is another one of the best 5 of the cards you may find online. The picture in this card is also confined to one side of the card like all others and the information required is placed on the remaining half of it. The heading of the card is very simple and best for explaining what this card is about, it says the investigator.

It is followed by the first and last name of the person who is using it while the serial number, date of birth, mobile number, the date of joining, and the expiry of the card will come just below it.

Investigator ID Badge Template

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
Size: 472 KB
[Personal Use Only]


Black and orange is a legendary combination, isn’t it? This vertical card has some killing appearance to offer. The plain black background steals all the spotlight while the orange strips on it work as the highlighters to simply enhance the important things on it.

This template has a few different details on it than the others. It also asks for the sex, hair, and eye color of the user other than his/her name and the date of issuance and expiry. A small photo of size 1″ X 1.3’’ will be placed on the very top left corner of the card while the space beside it will have nothing more than the code.

Investigator ID Card Template Vertical Design

Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″
Size: 109 KB
[Personal Use Only]


This is one of the unique cards you may ever come across. Its base may look simple and ordinary in the first look, but appear more closely and you may see that the base is basically an image.

A very prominent picture of size 1.3″ X 1.5’’ will be placed right in the middle of this vertical id card which will highlight it on the light base. Name, ID, and the date of both issuance and expiry of the card will come on top of the picture. Download this unique piece of beauty now if you want to make a very good and professional first impression on your clients.

Investigator ID Card Template

Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″
Size: 198 KB
[Personal Use Only]

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