Certified Nurse ID Cards

Certified nurse ID cards are the ID cards of the nurses who have completed their certification. These cards are issued by the hospitals, clinics or healthcare facilities, where the nurses have been employed and are working.

Although the name clearly states the purpose behind the issuance of these ID cards, which is to identify an individual certified nurse from the other people and nurses, there are many other benefits of these ID cards as well. Some of them are:

  • The ID card associates a nurse with a hospital or health facility.
  • They can be used to identify not just the individuality of a person and his/her basic information, but also to indicate if he/she is certified or not.
  • The role, designation, and responsibility of the nurse can be known by anyone glancing at the ID card.
  • The security code and the secured information can smoothen the nurse’s security clearance and entry in the hospital premises, different labs, ICUs, etc.
  • The hospital services, like getting the patient tests done, collecting reports, etc., can easily be conducted by the nurse having the ID card. 
  • The card can be used to avail the fringe benefits and discounts.

ID cards are not a new concept. They have been used in personal and professional settings since forever. However, initially, only the basic information of an individual, such as the name, picture, etc., used to be put on an ID card. Nevertheless, now, the demand for the prevalent security situation all around the globe as well as the technological developments over time have prompted the organizations to include far more information than only a name and a picture. Usually, the information on a certified nurse’s ID cards includes:

  • Name of the nurse.
  • Picture.
  • Gender.
  • Address.
  • Employee ID.
  • Details of the employer hospital or healthcare facility.
  • Designation.
  • Certification.
  • Security or scanning code.
  • Thumbprint.
  • Card validity.

The scanning code and thumbprints, which are almost impossible to copy, are added for security reasons as well as to conduct various tasks, which other people are not allowed to. For instance, a hospital guard is not allowed to get the patient tests done from the lab, but a certified nurse, using his/her ID card can easily do it. In addition, the secured embedded code in the ID cards limits the creation of fake ID cards and misuse of the nurse’s identity.

If a hospital hires both certified and non-certified nurses, their ID cards may slightly vary, so that one can easily be distinguished from the other. This can be helpful for the hospital staff as well as for the patients, as the responsibility of the work assigned is dependent on the qualification of the nurse. Even the use of a separate color band or highlighting of the word ‘certified’ can do the task of separating the two types of nurses, i.e. certified and non-certified.

The nurses need to always keep their ID cards with them, especially when they are in the hospital, so to avoid hampering any operational tasks.

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