Church ID Card Templates

The security of the church is very important to be maintained. There are hundreds of people who visit the church each day. The life of all such people should not be compromised at all. Due to this, the details about every person working in the church including the background should be known by the management of the church.

Moreover, a lot of charity is also kept in the safe of the church. The security of all the assets of the church can also be maintained using a church ID Card.

The purpose of using the church ID card is to identify the staff working in the church. It is important for the security of the staff to make a distinction between the staff and those who come for visiting the church. These IDs have enough space for including the details about the card owner.

Key elements of church ID cards:

The main details of this card are:

  1. Name of the cardholder
  2. Photo of church worker
  3. The correct information for the employee
  4. Photo of the employee working in the church
  5. Designation of the worker in the church

These details are enough to identify anyone working in the church. However, you can also add more details if you want. If you want to save your time, get the downloadable church ID card template from this website.

These templates are easy to customize. The templates provided here may not be exactly suited to your needs and demand. You can add or remove the details from the cards according to what you need.

Tips to prepare church ID card:

  1. The church ID card should be prepared in a standard card size so that it can be easily fixed to the cardholder.
  2. The card should not be over-crowded with the information.
  3. Make sure all the details mentioned on the card are correct.
  4. The ID card is usually prepared for formal use. It is, therefore, necessary to keep the design of the card simple and decent.
  5. The card should add the latest photograph of the card owner. S/he should easily be identified by the picture.

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A very nice and delicate id card that gives a perfect look to wear for the church services. Add all the details of the cardholder including a photograph of size 1″ x 1″.
Church ID Card Template

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

Size: 351 KB



A beautiful id card that you would like to own without second thought coming in your mind. We hope you will appreciate the designer for the skills she put to design this card for you. Enjoy the card!

Church ID Card

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

Size: 299 KB



A card that gives a cool and calm feeling to the viewer. The card holds all the necessary information about the cardholder. Give your church employees a cool look by wearing this card.
Church ID Card

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

Size: 498 KB



A beautiful card that will make you feel appreciated for the design and features of this card. Don’t forget to download and customize this card to completely own.
Church ID Card Sample

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

Size: 616 KB



A unique card that has been designed on demand. Many people have written to us for the design of a card with black and white colors. We hope this card will fulfill your requirement if you want to pick a simple card.
Church ID Card Black and White

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

Size: 616 KB


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