Conference and Seminar ID Cards

The basic purpose of using ID Cards in conferences and seminars is identification. In conferences and seminars, there is a huge gathering of people. Such places require more protection.

In order to ensure the security of every person in the meeting or seminar, the conference and seminar ID cards are used. These cards are issued to every individual who attends these events.

Different organizations conduct conferences and seminars for different purposes. Some of them are organized for conducting training sessions for all the people working for the company.

Such type of seminars requires only legitimate people to attend them. In order to ensure that no person outside the company is attending the seminar.

Benefits of using ID cards in conferences and seminars:

The key benefits of using these cards are:

  1. The company organizing the conference knows about every person who is attending the conference because it has issued the ID cards to all of them. These cards provide information about all the people attending the seminar such as their name, photo, contact information, date of birth etc.
  2. Having the ID card makes it easier for the company to check if the legitimate people are attending the seminar or not. Everyone who wants to attend the conference is required to show his ID card at the entrance. If the ID Card is authentic, that person will be authorized to attend the conference. This ensures that everyone in the conference room is safe and secure.
  3. The attendance of everyone can also be monitored easily through ID cards.

The use of ID cards has become very common in almost every organization. Some companies use simple while some use smart ID cards. The smart ID cards have a magnetic chip which is a more advanced level to check the authenticity of the person entering the premises of the conference hall.

You can design an ID card for your company easily by using a readymade template. This template makes it easy for you to design a professional-looking ID card for the conference to be held.

Identity Card Format

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
Size: 163 KB

ID Card Template

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
Size: 143 KB

For other cards see:

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