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It is an era of fast-paced work where more and more projects and job opportunities are being created every second. As windows for contractual appointments increase, more people apply for any single job description, resulting in an unending spiral of applicants and job performers.

A constant influx of people at any organization warrants for comprehensive safety measures to be in place in order to mitigate data loss as well as other materials’ pilferage.  

Generally, the people who have access to any worksite or some organization can be subdivided broadly into three categories; employees, visitors, and contractors.

Since contractors are the linchpin behind whatever an organization does. The provision of materials, services, and arrangement of work deal with contractors in and out of any specific workplace are far more than the visitors. They need to be in constant touch with the decision-makers for the assessment and approval of items/procedures. This requires a detailed security check for all the contractors who are to work for an organization – foremost amongst these is their identification.

The security system for any organization ensures that no one enters the building or workplace without identification and when entered, no one can access those areas where s/he is not authorized to go. A simple yet important step and probably the first step in guaranteeing this is the issuance of id badges to every contractor.

ID Badges

Like every other identification badge, it includes a basic set of the necessary information about the person wearing it. Important details on an ID badge are: –

  1. Name of the contractor.
  2. His / her recent photograph.
  3. Nature of work the contractor is doing (this ensures access to only specified areas in the workplace) and expiry period of the card.
  4. Contact information and other personal details like age, blood group, address, etc.
  5. The id badge can come with an electronic chip that may be used for swiping to ensure digitized entry to meeting/conference halls etc.

Benefits of an ID Badge:

Being an important facet of ensuring security, an id badge accrues a number of benefits to an organization few of which are explained below: –

  1. Identification: The first benefit of an ID card is that it helps in identification. The ID card with a name and a picture clearly introduces the person wearing it.
  2. Security: Any contractor who wants to make an entry into the workplace needs to pass through reception. There his/her ID badge gets checked and only then after digitized or manual entry in a register is the contractor allowed to enter the authorized premises. Also, undue access to any contractor in privileged areas can be checked on the spot by using these ID badges.
  3. Fewer Chances of Pilferage: AN ID badge not only helps in the introduction or security of an organization, but it also mitigates the chances of data theft and material pilferage. As controlled items are not accessible to all and guarded by privileged access, any contractor going in and out is not allowed to enter such places. Also, if any such unfortunate incident takes place, it is easier for the security personnel to track back all the persons entering or exiting the facility.
  4. Attendance Cards: Contractors’ ID badges can keep a record of their attendance and time in and out to keep a note of how much time a contractor has clocked. This is necessary as most of the contractors are freelance workers or employed with the organization and hence their ID badges serve a useful purpose in tracking their attendance time.

ID card is a simple method of identification, yet its benefits are huge. It saves a lot of time in managing the entry record by digitally linking it to the main server using an electronic chip. Moreover, it helps in augmenting the security measures of any company and streamlines their procedures to react in case of any chance of pilferage. 



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