Creative ID Badge Designs

Employee badges are identification cards provided to the employees by their organization. These cards act as proof of employment and association of an employee to their organization. The ID badge system is used by an organization to maintain separate track records of the employees.

There are two types of badges. The first type of badge is a plain card with the details of the employee such as name, picture, and occupation. The other type is known as smart badges. These badges consist of a chip or barcode that is generated in a manner where all barcodes or chips are un-identical. This badge provides the information of the employee when the barcode or chip is scanned by the computerized machine.

The format of the ID badge depends on the preference of the organization. The professional designs help create ID badges that resemble the appearance of the organization. This gives the badges a unique and professional appearance as well as ensures the employee is not associated with any other organization.

There are different kinds of formats an organization can choose from to design the ID badges. The cards can be both in a horizontal format as well as vertical format. It is up to the organization to choose what information they want to be displayed on the badge.

The card can be designed to have the employees’ name, picture, and occupation with a chip or barcode, with the logo of the organization. Another format consists of only the information of the employee with the organization logo.

Different organizations provide different types of ID cards, depending on the occupation of the employees. An organization that has employees working indoors, for example, desk jobs, usually design the badges to have a plain appearance. The overall color of the card is chosen to be of light color as they are easier to read. The use of minimal design also provides a professional look to the badges.

On the other hand, employees that mainly work outdoors, for example, construction workers, are provided with uniquely designed badges that are easy to identify and associate with the organization.

A common design for the outdoor worker is the use of neon colors, or detailing on the card helps in easily identifying the employees in different kinds of situations. The unique colors help to identify the employees from a distance if a situation arises.

In some organizations, employees are separated according to their departments or occupations. All employees of one department are provided with a specific colored strap used to hang the ID card around the neck.

The color varies from department to department. This makes associating employees with their respective departments more efficient. The unique designs of the cards help in differentiating between employees and their respective places of work.

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