Dentist ID Cards/Badges

The dentist ID badges are issued to the dentists so that they can be distinguished from other staff members or other doctors or even other dentists. The badges are also issued to provide access and authorization to the related equipment and hospital rooms. In addition, the security can also be maintained by using the badges, as they can aid in controlling the people who are entering into a territory.

The advancements in the technology has changed the traditional ID badges which simply contained graphic and text data, mainly of picture, name, designation, etc., and were used mainly for the identification purpose. The contemporary ID badges with the incorporated technology of bar codes, chips, etc., now include more secured information as well as can facilitate the purposes other than identification, as well.

There are numerous benefits of using a dentist ID badge both for the hospital as well as the dentist. Some of the benefits are:

  • It can help in differentiating the dentists and maintains the individual identity.
  • The misunderstandings and confusions can be reduced as the identification is easy.
  • It can help in the verification and hence, can maintain level of security.
  • The authorization and access control can be managed through the bar codes on the ID badges. This includes access to the hospital building, hospital rooms, equipment, medicines, etc.
  • The mentioned title, such as dentist, assistant dentist, etc., can give the indication to the patient regarding who is handling his/her case as well as would help the hospital manager in dividing the patients, based on the severity of the case, that need to be handled.

The dentist ID badges are used in big or small hospitals, clinics or in the personal practice places of the dentists. Apart from the identification purpose of its issuance, the extended purposes are dependent on the size of the organization as well as its preferences and policies. In addition, the information inserted on an ID badge is also chosen based on the needs and requirements of the organization. Nevertheless, the basic information on all the badges is, usually, the same. This includes:

  • Picture
  • Name of the dentist.
  • Gender.
  • Job title such as assistant dentist, senior dentist, etc.
  • Hospital or clinic name and logo.
  • Any other basic detail.

There are many templates of dentist ID badges available through programs, such as MS word, that can be easily customized as per the hospital’s needs. Also, the hospital personnel can even design the ID badge by themselves, as well. In addition, there are organizations that specialize in the task of making ID badges with secured information inserted through the technology. If a hospital needs such badges, they may outsource the task to such organizations rather than making the badges themselves.

Usually, the dentist wears his ID badge all the time he stays in the hospital and ensures its visibility to everyone. This helps in fulfilling the purpose of identification and avoiding confusions.


Your oral hygiene is also the part of your physical hygiene and when you encounter toothache or want to get your teeth fixed through braces, you rush towards the dentist clinic for instant and quick treatment. At a clinic, a receptionist is usually recognised by her relevant sitting place which is behind the cabin and at the front of the office door where she greets patients and guides them about their appointments and check-ups. You mostly tend to identify a dentist by the white coat that he wears or an id card that he hands around his neck to make his identity more clear for the patients and eradicate their misunderstanding among his other staff like internees or assistants. This is where we get to know the importance of wearing id cards every time at workplace for maintaining the dignity of your profession.


Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″

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Our id cards cover all aspects of a dentist personal credentials that need to be printed on an id card. Hospital logo and name comes on the very top, Serial number in which the dentist card number is being made or the serial number that refers to employee id generated by the hospital or dental clinic, dentist first and last name along with the joining date of the dentist at that hospital is also mentioned on badge, photo of the dentist along with the bar code of attendance is an added field. Dentist’s phone number in case of emergency and blood group are vital entities for a personal identification card. Clinic name is written for the quick recognition of the medical linkages with that respective doctor and how much that clinic holds importance in serving and caring for his patients on time.


Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″

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A picture of a tooth is depicting a dentist card is also being tinted in different colours according to the theme on the card. White tooth is being shown with dark colour schemes of fonts and images. Purple, yellow and white are being mixed in a very elegant way to design a vertical badge likewise red and green dark colours are being used to carve a beautiful and simple card for dentists and other medical specialists. Light colour tones are also available in blue and white while taking white colour of human teeth and blue being the watery shade to add a vibrant touch to it.


Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″

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Hold on to the best id card designs that we can offer with amazing yet modest colour themes ad giving you guys a wide range to choose from our templates on website. Now edit the badges according to your own system requirements and get away with the fret of making designs from the scratch. We are here to cater you with the right fit for your dental clinic. A promising and reliable delivery of service is our motto and that’s where our business gets expansion and claims new ventures. So, modify your design approach and get the benefit of reasonable service, productivity and creativity at one place. Time to brag your badge with pride and demonstrate professionalism in a well-mannered way.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

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Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

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