Medical Staff ID Card Template-1

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Medical Staff ID Card Template-1

Enter Password: MSIC-1

Imagine you are in a hospital trying to approach a health worker and you don’t know them personally. Wouldn’t it be hard for you to navigate your options to find the relevant worker? This is what an ordinary layman goes through if you, as a hospital worker, do not wear your employee card.

The purpose of this ID is to make your employment more authentic and make yourself more resourceful to your potential patients. With your picture stuck in having both width and height of one inch, and your designation mentioned alongside the joining date and your employee ID number, it becomes way easier for the visitors to access you readily.

The barcode on your card contains all your work history that your hospital may need in a time of crisis. The card colors also add value to this card since it will make it convenient for hospital visitors to find the card.


Medical Services ID Badge

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