Medical Staff ID Card Template-4

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Medical Staff ID Card Template-4

Enter Password: MSIC-4

With a minimalist approach, this card offers only limited information to the hospital visitors and security personnel. One of the reasons why employers go for this approach is to protect the privacy of their employees as they believe that intimate personal information is not necessary to exhibit in the workplace.

So, if you are an employer looking for employee card ideas for your workers, this could be a good approach. However, the barcode contains all the necessary information of the worker including personal and work history, but the good thing is, it is available for security and administration only.

The design and color of this card add a great deal of value to this card. Plus, the joining dates also add authenticity to the employee. A picture of 1.2in height and 1in width will also be enough to identify you clearly. Your first and last name alongside your designation will also be mentioned at the forefront of the card.

Medical Staff ID Card Template

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