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Employee id badges are official cards issued by organizations to their employees. The cards serve the purpose of employment verification and identification respective to their organization.

There are two main types of identification card systems a company can choose from. The most common type of identification card is the minimal detail card which has the employee’s organization name, their status or position in the company, the department they belong to, and the employment picture. This is a basic card used for identification purposes and acts as proof of employment.

The minimal details give a professional and mature appearance to both the employee and the organization.

The second type of card which is being increasingly adopted in the professional environment is the smart identification badge. As technology advances, the process of identification and verification has become less time-consuming and less complex.

The smart badges have chips or barcodes inserted in them that provide all the necessary information about the employee. This information includes name, job description, department name, etc. Smart badges are also a great way to keep track of the authorization of employees to certain facilities and areas of the organization.

For example, an employee of other departments in an organization does not have the authorization to access the financial records of the organization. Only specific people are allowed access to the records. The computerized system can help keep a track record of only the specified people accessing the private information.

The cards come in horizontal and vertical formats. They can also be edited to be used for specific circumstances. For example, employees working outdoors can be provided with cards of unique color that stand out and are clearly identifiable in different conditions such as rain or when the employee is at a distance. Employees working indoors are provided with light-colored cards so they are easier to read.

Different kinds of templates can be found online that are easily edited according to the preference of the organization. The card templates can be downloaded as they are or customized before they are printed.

This is a faster and cheaper way of generating cards for the employees instead of having the cards designed by professionals.

Below are samples of downloadable and editable ID badges:

Employee ID Badge Format

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