Employee ID Cards for Various Professions

Identification is an essential component of any company or organization majorly for safety reasons. However, it has now become impossible to step in and out of an office without showing the employee ID card. No one denies the importance of using ID badges at the workplace due to the many benefits associated with them.

Employee id badge design has gone to the next level. Many online resources are providing excellent design id badges for all professions. The problem comes in downloading the template when you have to sign up at various stages. Here we are providing employee ID badge templates with an easy option of downloading in one step. Choose the template from the list that you like and download it straightforwardly.

After downloading you need MS Word software to make necessary changes. All the text fields on the card are editable so replace them with your name, company name, joining and expiry date, etc.

Following are given fifteen FREE templates that you can own and use for personal needs. Have a great day!


If the card looks cool, classic, or elegant, the employees would love to hang it around their neck or stick it to the belt. This black and gray colored employee ID card is exactly like it. Who doesn’t like black anyway?

The picture of the employee will have a black base color which will not only highlight the picture but also add grace to the card itself. The gray color on the other hand completely complements the black and thus the details written give an amazing sight.

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
Size: 62 KB

Employee ID Card Template for MS Word

1st one on the list is none other than black and grey. The combination is all time favorite of many companies due to its generic color.


Employee ID Card Template MS Word

The card will bear the name of the company and the employee and his designation as well. His date of birth and the expiry date of the card is the other details mentioned on it. The dimensions of this beautiful piece of elegance are 3.38″ x 2.13″.


The darker the shade, the more elegant it is. Yes, this card of 3.38″ x 2.13″ dimension is the most graceful out of all because there are shades of gray used here.

All this information is confined to the left-hand side of this card while the remaining part of this classy double-shaded card is dedicated to the designation and date of birth of the employee other than the serial number and the issue and expiry date of the card. Another unique aspect of this card is that the logo of the company is placed on the lower side of it instead of the upper and the background is even darker here.

This card is best for the employees who love to carry a decent piece of art. Download it now if you have the same taste. The picture of 1” X 1.3” size will be placed on a black background with a white frame to enhance it.

Employee ID Card Template

Size: 56 KB


If you like uniqueness, we have you covered! It will be difficult to find such a unique design and color anywhere else. This card is a blend of greenish blue which makes it unique and a touch of white strips will blow you away. The company name comes on the right top corner while it is separated by all other details by the white strip. The other details include the name of the employee and his designation etc.

The photo will be placed on the right side of the card which will enhance its beauty of it. Download it now and trust us when we say you won’t find such a unique card anywhere else.

Employee id card template

Size: 35 KB


Bright and might, that’s what you think your employees are? Then be sure this orange-colored employee card is just for you. This bold card has definitely the advantage that it can be spotted from even some distance. The lighter tone that is used along with the bright orange adds a bit of sophistication to it.

The logo of the company will be placed on the lighter tone strip while the other details will enjoy the background of orange. This card is 3.38″ x 2.13″ and will look perfect in every possible way. Try it and you won’t regret it.

Employee id card template

Size: 190 KB


Black definitely never goes out of fashion. Follow the trend other than sophistication and let the world know about the power of black. The background of this card is black with white as the color of the text on it. We all know the classic magic of black and white and no one wants to miss it either.

The dimensions of this card are 3.38″ x 2.13″ while a picture of size 1” X 1.2’’ will be placed on the top left corner. The name and designation of the person will come under his picture while the other details will be placed on the right side of the card.

Employee id card sample template

Size: 450 KB


Can you take your eyes off this beautiful card? We can’t either. This is a patterned card with the coolest shade of blue. There are a number of best features of this card and a big site for the picture is definitely one of them. The employee’s picture and name are the most prominent things on this card and all the other details look secondary.

A picture of size 1.2” X 1.7’’ will be required on this card and the dimension of it is 3.38″ x 2.13″. Download this cool card and let your employees enjoy the warmth of patterned blue.

Employee id card template

Size: 135 KB


Sweet yet amazing, this card is all about it. This card is not a very detailed one as only a few elements will be required to fill in. The photo of size 1” X 1’’ will be needed here to be placed on the right side of the card. The name and logo of the company will occupy the bottom while the other details like name, date of birth, and the joining date of the employee will come on the left side.

The bottom of the card has a patterned background that complements the shaded color used in the upper half. This complement adds to its beauty and grace of it.

Employee id card template

Size: 230 KB


Decency is the element that everyone likes, and so do we. For this purpose, we have drafted an employee id card for you that is unique, elegant, exceptional, stylish, and whatnot. The white color has a history of being called the color of grace, but trust us, when it is complemented with a unique color like this, the magic happens. Download it now and let your employees enjoy a unique and decent style.

The picture of the employee will be placed in the left top corner of this card while the name of the company and the employee himself will be placed on the right-hand side. Other details will follow it.

Employee id card template

Size: 456 KB


Simple is beautiful. This simple yet well-designed card can give a new meaning to the cards. It is proof that employee cards can have a dull color but still can look so decent and so elegant. The patterned base of this light-shaded card will be loved by all.

The most prominent thing on it will be the name of the company that will stand tall on top of it. The name of the employee comes next while his designation will be written below it by using a smaller font size. The employee’s date of birth and name of the department he works comes next.

The photo will be placed on the white base on the left side of this card, which will simply enhance the beauty and grace. Download it now to leave your employees in awe.

Employee id card template

Size: 235 KB


An ID card with the green theme color with a texture in the background.

Employee ID card template

Size: 225 KB


The style of this ID badge is similar to the previous one but the texture in the background is different.

Employee ID card template

Size: 131 KB


Solid brown color with a polygon texture is always in demand.

Employee ID card template

Size: 190 KB


The combination of colors is feminine however men will love it too!!!

Employee ID badge template

Size: 256 KB


The blue theme is always in demand. Print this id card in 2025 for a professional look at your workplace.

Employee ID badge template

Size: 154 KB