Fake Employee ID Badges

Use of employee ID badge/card is not really a new idea. Corporations have been using the basic ID badges since very long that entailed information like name along with the picture of an employee.

Technology has, however, changed the basic employee ID badge to a contemporary one that contains a lot of information such as fingerprints, barcodes etc. Nowadays, it is not just a plastic badge but a technological chip!

An employee ID badge is basically a badge/card used for identification and recognition of an employee. This badge shows that a person is an employee of a certain organization.

The importance of ID badges has never been less but now, with the increased security threats all over the world, employees are strictly asked to carry and provide these badges when demanded. Usually, when the employee wants to enter an organization, he/she has to provide his/her ID badge to clear the security procedure.

Companies issue employee ID badges through a proper process as they are a significant part of the security plan of an organization.

The Security department is responsible for issuing these badges to employees. This has become more of a critical process due to the security issues and the technology involved.

All the technological systems containing employee data have to be aligned in order to track records in case of a doubt or a security alert.

Although the employee ID badges are very critical to identification of an employee and issued with great precision, sometimes employees or outsiders choose the illegal path and make fake ID badges to take advantage of company or its records.

A fake ID badge is not issued by the company itself and is a forged one. The company or the security department is not even aware of it.

There are many online badge makers available on the internet and even physical availability is not an issue. This and the technological advancements have made the process of making fake ID badges easier.

A fake employee ID badge is created for various purposes such as:

  • A current employee may make a fake badge if he has lost his original one and does not want to go through the long process of re-issuing.
  • A current employee may create a fake badge of his senior/boss to take some kind of revenge.
  • A competitor’s employee may have a fake ID badge to get the secret information of your organization. The fake badge would allow him to break in the system and get the records.
  • A cybercriminal may want to earn money through illegal ways and fake ID cards. The cybercriminal would copy the barcode and make the fake badge to break into the system for money or other information.

The technological advancements have helped the companies as well as provided challenges for them. The technology allows them to secure sufficient data and information on employee ID badges for recognition and identification purposes.

At the same time, the availability of data on these badges makes accessibility easier for hackers. This misuse of information and the issue of fake employee ID cards are the challenges organizations are still striving to conquer.

If you want to make an ID badge for the employees of your organization you can make it in an easy way now. Download the template of your choice and customize.

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