Health Club ID Card Templates

Different health clubs are working in different areas to ensure that the members stay safe. These ID cards are used basically to identify the members of the club. People who have issued these cards also feel proud of being identified as a member of a health club.

You can create a unique and attractive ID card for your health club with the help of easy to personalize ID card templates.

Most of the health clubs and gyms these days use ID cards to control access to their database. To make every ongoing operation of the company safe and secure, a proper identification system for everyone visiting the health club regularly is prepared.

This card is required to be worn by the club members as long as they stay in the club. The workers and other staff members also wear this ID card for identification purposes.

What are the benefits of ID cards in a health club?

ID cards use a photo that has a primary function to identify the person who wears it. There are many benefits of using an ID card if you are running a health club. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Proper identification
  2. The frequency of each member’s visits
  3. Rapid billing and registration process
  4. Check-out of all the equipment
  5. Security of the building

The membership ID cards have become very common these days. Every organization likes to ensure the use of these ID cards. The information to be given on the ID card is printed either on one side or both sides.

The primary information given on the ID card is the photograph of the person with which s/he is identified easily. The ID cards also make the management of the health club identify the non-members of the club as some facilities are only for the members.

It is very important for a health club to make an ID card that is visually appealing. These cards have more potential to attract new members. The template for ID cards can be very helpful if you want to save your time as well as money.


Health club id card template

Health clubs are increasing in number as the people are more concerned about their health & fitness. The increase is significant over the past decade. Dealing with a large number of people require maintaining a database. An id badge is a new concept to record information of an individual on a small size paper. The information helps the management to recognize and allow specific services to the individual holding the id badge.Usually, the common details that are required to mention on a health club id badge are the name of the health club, the name of the cardholder, date s/he has joined the club, expiry date of the card and a photograph of suitable size.The first health club id card on the list is perfect as it holds all the above-said information. The editing feature of the id badge is very much helpful for a common person. It saves your time and money to prepare a professional looking id badge for your health club members.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 338.0 KB]


Health club id badge template

Females are equally conscious when it comes to their fitness and look beautiful. The second card on the list gives a feeling that it must be used for female health club members. The use of pink at the bottom left hit this opinion hard.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 159.0 KB]


Health Club ID Card Sample

If you have established a new health club you must have invested a lot to provide better facilities for your customers. We can do nothing except to provide you with free id badges when it comes to recognizing your customers. Download this id badge for your new health club to recognize better in your community. Get your customer’s basic information when you register and use the information to prepare a beautiful design identity card to give them in return.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 287.0 KB]


Health club id badge sample

Give a professional look to your health club business by designing a beautiful id card for your customers. The use of the following id card will make your customers feel special and attached to your club business. Download and edit to avail those benefits.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 244.0 KB]


Health Club ID Card

A simple id card design for the health club business. You will need to ask your customers to provide you with a photograph at the time of registration. Paste the photograph on the card and write the name of the new member along with his/her date of joining. No need to hire a professional for this rather you can do it with ease. Give it a try.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 183.0 KB]

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