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Identity cards commonly known as ID Cards have become a part and parcel of our lives. There is not even a single department where these cards are used. Everyone must have an ID card and keep it with them all the time in most of the organizations. People often think of designing the ID card on their own especially when they run a company and they think that their employees must have their ID cards.

Layouts of ID Cards:

One of the biggest confusions that most of the people in determining the layout that they should incorporate into the ID card they are designing. There are two types of layouts:

Vertical ID Card layout

In the vertical layout, details in the card are added vertically. These types are cards are usually created when lesser details are required to be displayed. People who use the vertical layout of ID cards must know that they cannot information on both sides of the card especially when they are using a vertical ID card. These cards are usually hung with the help of a strip in the collar.

Vertical ID cards usually contain a slightly bigger photograph of the cardholder than any other design. As it has been told earlier that vertical ID card does not display lots of information, only basic details such as contact details, name, and designation in the company are added to these cards.

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Horizontal ID cards layouts

These ID cards are very suitable to be used for those people who want to add maximum information to the cards since the horizontal layout leaves out plenty of space. It allows the user to add the picture of the cardholder on either right or left of the card and then the rest of the information on the remaining portion of the ID card.

On what factors does the layout of ID cards depend?

When it comes to laying out the design of the card, there are plenty of things to be taken on board. A few of them are:


Whether you want to design an ID Card for students or gym instructors, you always need to consider the format. The format of the card specifies what details to be added to the card and their specific location on the card.

For example, if you want to mention the name of the company along with its logo, you should choose the top of the ID card to display this information. Similarly, the name of the cardholder, photograph of the cardholder, and lots of other details are also specified in the card.

If you want to use these cards as a smart card, leave some space for a magnetic chip. However, the location of the magnetic chip should not be as visible as other details.


Many people don’t pay much heed to designs when they need an ID card. However, there are some people for whom, ID card design is the priority.

The layout of the ID card also requires the user to take the design into account. The design includes lots of things such as the background of ID cards, the color contrast of the background of the card, and details mentioned.

For a better design that stands out, you can buy the services of professional designers. However, if you want to save costs, then you can get a sample Id card from the internet and get plenty of design ideas.


Many people like to add borders to Id cards just to get attractive ID cards. Borders enhance the overall look of these cards. However, sometimes when lots of details are to be added in a limited space, then borders have to be skipped. Adding borders to the design of the ID card is not mandatory. Rather, you can easily do without them while you are designing the id card

Things to remember while laying out the ID card

Many people pay so much attention to the layout but still, they don’t get an attractive Id card look. This happens when they do some mistakes. Here we are going to talk about some important things that must be remembered so that you can avoid these basic mistakes.

Choose the design wisely:

Not choosing an appropriate design is one of the biggest mistakes that everyone does. Therefore, it is important to keep this fact in mind that the design should be following the type of organization you are creating id cards.

Add borders if needed:

Borders are not mandatory to add. Sometimes there is so much to add to the card that borders just can be accommodated. People should not try to add borders to the cards when they don’t have any space. 

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