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An identification card or identification badge is commonly used in different organizations, such as schools, libraries companies, hospitals, etc. As the name suggests, the main purpose of an ID card is the identification of a person. These ID cards are issued by the organization to its members, like students, teachers, employees, etc.

Previously, when the technology was not widely employed through the business systems, the ID cards used to have the basic details, such as name, gender, etc., along with a picture of the employee or the student. Technological advancements have changed the scenario. Now, often, ID cards are embedded with bar codes, scan codes, microchips, etc., which contain secure and unique information. This has led to an increased number of ID card functions.

There are many benefits associated with ID cards, which include:

  • An ID card associates an individual with an ID card issuing organization.
  • An individual’s recognition and identification become easy.
  • The processing of work activities smoothens, as designation and authority get clear.
  • The situation of security checks and maintenance improves.
  • If the ID card is embedded with secure information, it can be swiped for many business activities, such as using a scanner or availing of fringe benefits, such as discounts in a restaurant.

An organization develops an ID card template and customizes it for different employees, or it uses a template available online or in the programs, such as Microsoft Word.

We are an online resource for providing FREE ID cards or badges for various professions. We offer free designs and templates of ID cards that are easy to download, customize, and print. Now, by using our services, you can design and create your ID cards yourself, anything you want, any sort you need. Use our templates and gain the following benefits:

  • Our designs are exclusive, latest, and customizable for all sorts of organizations. You will not find our unique designs anywhere else!
  • You can enjoy minimal mistakes and professional designs, which have been developed by our team of dedicated experts just for you!
  • Our ID cards are editable with MS Word and can be printed easily.
  • You can save a lot of money that you might give to an ID card design professional or expert.
  • Not just money, but your efforts and time get saved as well.
  • We are offering a free service that you can avail of and put your resources of time and money into other productive tasks.
  • Any profession you are seeking an ID card for, we are here for you! The designs of the ID card template have been developed keeping in mind the varied features and requirements of different fields.

We are open to any feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to seek any help or contact us for any queries.

Browse our website and download your desired free online ID card template, edit it as per your needs and requirements, print it, and enjoy!

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