Professional ID Badge Templates

Initially, the id badges were designed to identify the badge holder. With the passage of time, people starting using these badges of many other purposes. These days, these cards have becomes a common source of branding, identification and also for availing many services.

Importance of id badges:

The id badges are given so much importance in the business world. The basic objective of every organization behind using the id badges is to simplify the process of identification which would be very difficult otherwise. In professionalism, the use of id badges is considered as a tool that can enhance the experience of the customer. There are many reasons why most of the companies have implemented the use of id badges. Some of them are:

1. The use of id badges builds a strong relationship:

The organizations that deal with public related services consider the use of id badges to be obligatory. The id badge usually puts a name with the picture that makes it easier for the employees of the company to perform accountability. The organizations where there are a number of conferences, face to face meetings and video calls, the id badge ensures that all the employees are able to know about each other in a better way.

2. The use of id badges ensures brand recognition:

In some organizations, different discounts and free services are offered to the employees. In such organizations, the id badge of the employee enables him to get access to those offers. ID badges are issued to only the employees of the organisation. Therefore, when an employee is able to show his id badge, he proves himself to be a legitimate person.

When the employees are asked to show their id badges at different locations, they ensure that maximum people get to know about the brand. In this way, the brand recognition is ensured.

What are the key components of id badges?

Although the details to be added to the id badge may vary from company to company, there are some details which are common to all the badges. Some of them are:

  1. Name  of the card holder
  2. DOB of the cardholder
  3. Designation in the company
  4. ID card unique number
  5. Photograph of cardholder
  6. Contact details
  7. Name and logo of the organization issuing this card

Things to remember while making id badge:

The id badge is a credit card sized card that contains a limited number of details. If you are going to make id badge for your organization, make sure that don’t overcrowd it with a cluster of information. You can either use portrait or landscape orientation for making the card. The type of orientation you should use completely depends on your needs.

The badge is usually laminated with the plastic hard and thick sheet to ensure that it stays safe and can be used for a longer period of time. The id badge should be made with care because it is the representation of the organization to which it belongs.

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