Vertical Blank ID Cards

ID cards are one of the biggest sources of identification. Every organization these days uses identification cards to ensure security on its premises. The ID card can be prepared in a horizontal or vertical design. The template for vertical blank ID cards can be downloaded for free from many websites.

These websites provide a blank card that enables the user to show his creativity by incorporating his own design into the cards. An ID card with a perfect design can be created for both personal and professional use.

The template enables the user to create ID cards by copying the design of professional cards. The template is customizable, so the user can personalize it according to his choices and needs.

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Vertical blank ID card template
Vertical blank ID card template
Vertical blank ID card template
Vertical blank ID card template
Vertical blank ID card template

The ID card template always provides two layouts in which the details can be organized on the card. These two layouts are landscape mode and portrait mode. Both of these modes are frequently used by organizations in order to design professional-looking ID cards.

However, the company can choose between portrait or landscape mode, depending on the needs of the company. Both modes are widely used. However, horizontal cards are more common.

What are the pros and cons of vertical ID cards?


  1. Since the most common form of ID cards used for identification and controlling access is the horizontal design, the vertical design is being used by organizations that want to stand out and look a bit unique.
  2. People with vertical ID cards always get a second look from others because of something different, and in this way, they grab the attention of others.
  3. The vertical ID cards are also able to accommodate more details on them.
  4. The information on vertical ID cards is provided on one side only, due to which the person is not required to turn the card to get additional details


  1. Although the vertical-mode ID cards look different and unique, not everyone likes the change and uniqueness.
  2. Scanning the vertical ID cards is a bit different and complicated, due to which many companies give preference to horizontal ID cards over vertical cards

Factors to consider while designing vertical ID cards:

1. Information to be included:

If you like the vertical design of the card and want to make a trend of vertical cards in the organization, you should first think about the details you want to include on the ID card with a vertical design. The cards with a vertical design have a width of less than 3 inches. So, if you have a long domain name to enter into the card, the vertical design may make you lose the aesthetic look of the card. However, if the details you want to include are not too long, you can easily make use of a vertical design

2. Purpose of the card:

You should be able to understand the impact of the card on your organization. The purpose of the card should be well-identified so that you can make a clear decision about using the vertical design.