Veterinary ID Cards/Badges

A veterinarian is a professional person who is responsible to give the treatment to animals. Some veterinarians work alone in their clinics while some are hired by the hospitals. The veterinarian gets the knowledge to treat the animals through the examination and studies. Different pet owners visit the veterinarians to get their beloved pet treated well.

Why is veterinarian ID card used?

In any hospital, the veterinarian is required to get the permission to access the sensitive and restricted area of the hospital. Similarly, in order to carry out the supportive material in the hospital, the veterinarian should get the permission of the hospital. When the hospital issues the veterinary id card to a veterinarian, it actually provides the access to the sensitive locations of the hospital.

What are the benefits of using the veterinarian ID cards?

The veterinarian ID cards are used in different hospitals because of plenty of benefits provided by them. Some of the key benefits that can be availed are:

  1. The cards in any hospital ensure the security of the hospital and everyone in the hospital. According to the rule, only those individuals are allowed to enter the staff accessible area of the hospital who are granted these ID cards. These ID cards also include the photograph of the person bearing the card due to which, the security personnel at the gate can easily identify whether the card holder is a legitimate person or not
  2. The veterinarian ID cards are also essential to be used because they ensure the satisfaction of the customer. A pet owner does not know whether the person who is treating the pet is a legitimate person or not. The ID card worn by the veterinarian is a proof that the person who is working as a veterinarian in the hospital is a certified veterinarian
  3. Modern ID cards also include the qualification of the veterinarian which also helps the pet owner know how qualified a veterinarian is. Moreover, a hospital gets more patients for treatment if it provides the qualified and certified veterinarians and shows their qualification through the ID cards.  


This veterinary surgeon badge looks alluring with a beautiful blend of blue and green. The picture of a dog in the background well defines that it is an ID badge for a veterinarian. The best thing in this card is the barcode which eliminates human error, speed up check ins and authentication. The picture size available is 1.2″ by 1.4″. The surgeon name will come right in the middle in bold font and other information like contact number and registration number are also a part of this badge.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

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The overall design of this ID badge is very elegant and impressive. The background photo enhances its beauty. The name of the clinic comes on the top in deep purple stripe in bold font. The picture of the person comes in the middle left. The name of the doctor will be written in bold red. Veterinary ID and validity period for the badge lies below the surgeon name. The logo of the hospital escalates the beauty of this badge.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

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The most prominent thing in this ID badge is its logo while the picture of the person is placed towards the right. The picture size available is 1.3″ by 1.5″. The color scheme used in this ID is awesome that is light blue and green with a twist of pink. The grey lines in the background look elegant. The first aid sign with a heart is quite pleasing. Clinic name is written on the top veterinarian name his/her certification is written in light green box while the contact number is written above on top.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

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An ID badge acts as a simple visual identification tool. This bright shaded card looks very appealing at first glance. This horizontal red and yellow badge contain all the useful information in the barcode which is required for security and one can easily trace every individual who enters or leave the premises. The cute logo of cat paw is placed in the middle. The word veterinarian has beautifully placed in deep red stripe in vertical alignment. Clinic name is put on the top while surname and veterinary id is placed below the logo.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

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When anyone sees this ID badge his/her point of view at first glance will be WOW…..This ID gives a perfect professional look to a veterinarian. The color scheme of sea green and light purple is very eye- catching. The logo is quite impressive with a simple background. The surname of the person is written in bold letter and below is the person cell number. This card contains all necessary information that is necessary for security purpose.


Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″

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