HR ID Badge Templates

Anyone working in the organization’s human resource department also needs an identity badge for better and easier identification. Id card is considered the most important part of the security system being implemented in any organization. Anyone who works in an organization is required to keep the id badge with them regardless of the position.

What is an HR ID badge?

Human resource is a separate department in an organization in which multiple people are working together. Their job is to screen, hire and then train the newly hired employees. Since the HR department staff is responsible for doing crucial work in a company, their identity is also taken into account. The identity card that is used by someone working in the human resources department is known as the hr id card. 

Important of identification badge used in HR department:

When someone joins the company as a recruitment employee, he is issued the id badge on the very first day. From the beginning of the employment, the id badge is made the most important tool to be kept along. Employees who need to enter the building cannot enter if they don’t have id card. This is how the security in a company is ensured. The id card worn by every person gives a simple view of the company. This view is also helpful in recognizing that company.

Uses of id badges for HR:

There are plenty of uses of identity badges in the human resources department. A few of them are:

They control access:

One of the most common concerns of the company is to control the access of various people to the sensitive areas and data of the company. In the HR department, there is limited access because it is a key area of the management of the company. When an id card is used by everyone in the HR department, access to this critical area is controlled since no one is allowed to enter the company, everyone’s safety is also ensured.

They track attendance:

On daily basis, attendance of the recruitment staff is very important. However, it is not easy to track the attendance of every person in the HR department especially when the company is considerably big. So, these days, an attendance tracking feature has been added to the id card. The cardholder simply swipes the card and his attendance is recorded in the database of the company. This process is automatic and effective in ensuring seamless attendance tracking.

They identify individuals:

Everyone working in the company usually needs to be identified as an employee because this is the only way they can avail the opportunities open to people employed in a company. For example, some companies provide free medical facilities to their employees. Employees show that card at the time of claiming the free medical facility in an attempt to prove that they have legitimately employed by the company.

What are some design ideas for creating id card for HR?

Following are some design ideas:

Choose colours wisely:

The color scheme is one of the primary focuses when it comes to designing a captivating id card. You need to choose the color combination that is decent and goes well with the card. Try to choose a darker color background and a font of light color so that sits well on the background. Different color contrasts can be considered and checked. However, it is recommended to see the organization’s color scheme in its memos, logos, and letterheads and then incorporate that scheme into the identity badge.

Choose the appropriate orientation:

Id card incorporates two types of orientations depending on how you want to display the content of the card. If you choose to add details on only one side, then portrait orientation will be suitable for you. Similarly, landscape orientation is for two-sided cards.

Get help from templates:

Numerous templates present on the internet are also full of design ideas. If you like any of the designs from the database, you can choose them and incorporate them into your card. Additionally, you can use the same template instead of creating one from scratch.



Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
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Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
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Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
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Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″
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Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″
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