Photo ID Card Designs

In many areas of life, it is important to be able to recognize who people are. This is because there are many robberies, attacks, etc. happening by people who claim to be someone else. Offices, hospitals, schools, colleges, in fact, all institutions, need an effective way to be able to know who the person is that is entering an area. This can be done with the help of an ID card.

What is a photo ID card?

A photo identification card helps an individual be immediately recognized. This occurs with the aid of the photo that is on the card. According to where this card is needed, it can be designed to match this, having all the needed information.

Securing the place…

Imagine not knowing who is entering a school, office, etc. This is harmful to the people who are there. Across the globe, many harmful attacks have occurred by the wrong people entering areas. This is why there is much security and all areas need some form of identification before a person can enter.

Without a photo on an ID card, anyone can state that they are anyone. With the help of a photo ID card, a person can develop personal connections with others. For instance, a speaker wearing this card will attract an audience towards them and want to know more about them.

The photo is a major thing that helps recognize who someone is. This is why photo ID cards are important.

What to consider before designing?

  • Is the card for an office, school, hospital, etc?
  • What information is important to have on the card
  • Which font is the most readable and prominent?
  • Choose a design that will allow the photo and written information to be easy to read

Creative ideas…

When creating a photo ID card, one needs to keep in mind where it will be used. All the necessary details must be provided and be simple to read by all. Below are some card designs that you can look at if you need to make a photo ID card:

  • Vertical ID card design

This ID card looks good when worn. Remember that the ID card must be in a size that is easy to wear. It will have the school name, company name, etc. on top. After this will be the picture of the employee. The name and position or class of the person will be stated. After this point formal will be the ID number, date of birth, email, phone, etc. of the person. On the back of the card will be the contact details of the school or company.

  • Horizontal ID card design

This card is longer lengthwise. It looks good in offices and schools. It will have the above details. However, with the vertical card design, the details will be in point format all beneath one another. In the horizontal one, the points will be next to each other, but not in a confusing way. Both examples are good and readable.

  • Office ID card design

This photo ID card will be a professional one. The design will be such as well. Start by having a logo and name of the company that the person works for. This is important so that people can know where they work. After this, a clear image must be provided. This can be a circular or rectangular one. It should be a picture where the person is wearing decent clothing. Only include the face of the person. The name in full and the position of the employee should be stated clearly. The date of birth, employee number, and contact details, the signature of the employee needs to be included.

  • School ID card design

The school photo ID card will have the name of the institution. A clear image of the student needs to be given. After this will be the full name, course, admission number, and date of birth of the student. You can also include their blood group in case this is needed. On the back of this ID card will be the address and details of the institution.

There are many photo ID card designs available. It is necessary to choose the one best suited for the place the card is needed for.

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