Student ID Card Designs and Samples

Institutes are the places where pebbles are polished and transformed into valuable stones, whose worth can never be measured in numbers. They take in all kinds of people regardless of their age, gender, religious beliefs, race and make sure that they are better people than they were when they entered. These people are students who enter to learn the workings of this universe and contribute their part.

The life of a student is mostly spent learning at the institutes and once free, they enter the world as a changed person. Within an institution, every student is bound to follow rules and act according to the laws proposed by the institution. In addition to education, they are places of imparting great moral values and confidence among students.

Within an institute, all the students are supposed to wear their identity cards. It is majorly used for identification purposes because their uniforms are the same.

The design of these cards is relatively simple as it used only for information purposes, but care is taken while designing such cards as they represent the institute you belong to.


The information provided on any student ID card may differ from institute to institute because of different preference issues but it serves the purpose of letting others know about the basic information of the student which includes,

  • Name
  • Father’s name
  • Grade
  • Subject
  • Picture of the student
  • Name of institution
  • Logo of institution
  • Contact Information

This information lets other students and teachers know about the name and provide ease in calling the student.


There are positive and negative aspects of everything but the positives always supersede the negatives because of their importance. The significance of ID cards can be evaluated from the following points,

  • It eases the process of identifying any student among all the students.
  • Colour coded grades ID cards differentiate among students of different grades.
  • Names of students can be confirmed from cards and called rather than using nick names etc.
  • Name and logo of institution helps in identifying students of specific institution.
  • Provided contact details of institute can be used in emergency situations.


Design of students ID card is relatively simple to use it for serving its purpose only. Design is also kept simple because it belongs to an institute and students have to wear it. The following points should be considered while designing ID cards for students,

  • It should contain basic information only
  • It should not be crowded by using too big font size
  • Font size and style of the card should be appropriate so that it is easily readable
  • Use white or blue background as vibrant colours do not look good
  • Picture of the student should be clear as many pictures are blurry and do not serve the purpose
  • Do not use any cartoon character to make it look funny rather it should look serious

All these cards can be designed by the administration of the institute as it is not a difficult task to design a simple ID card. Templates of these cards can also be downloaded from the internet and used after filling in the required information.

Some of the templates provided on the internet are locked and can only be used after paying their price. These templates are specific and are given to customers who pay their price.

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