Restaurant staff id card format

Restaurant Staff ID Cards/badges

In restaurants, the ID cards perform a number of functions. Just like any other organisation, the restaurants are also required to use the ID card to provide the access to their staff members to enter the premises of the restaurant.   A magnetic strip or a bar code mentioned on the ID card makes it possible for the restaurant to […]

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Daycare staff id card sample

Daycare Staff ID Cards/Badges

If you are running a daycare center and want to satisfy the concerned parents about the care their child will get, you will have to hire the staff in the center carefully. Moreover, after hiring the staff, the verification and identification of the staff is also required to be done on daily basis for ensuring that the child is in […]

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Business travel id card format

Business Travel ID Cards/Badges

No matter you are travelling for a personal reason or a business purpose, you should wear the ID card with you so that you can be identified easily wherever you go. Apart from having a general-purpose ID card, you should also wear the ID card specific to your purpose. What is business travel ID card? A business travel ID card […]

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Sportsman id badge layout

Sportsman ID Cards/Badges

What is sportsman ID badge? It is a type of identity card which is used to verify the sportsman participating in the team. This card is important to be used for a specific event. Sometimes, the sportsmen have to travel to different parts of the world where they need to represent their country by playing games. The Id badge plays […]

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Editable company employee id badge sample

Company Employees ID Card Templates

A Company ID card is an identification document that provides proof of an individual’s identity and purpose in an organization. An identity card provides a link of an individual to his stored data: his profile, address, qualification, etc. Company ID cards are an incredible method to unify activities and streamline regular organization forms. With an ID framework worker can enjoy […]

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Company id card template

Company ID Card Templates for 2019-2021

Every new year brings a lot of new things to practice, experience, and share. We make new plans to strictly follow in order to bring improvement in ourselves. In different organizations, new goals are set to achieve new milestones. The companies bring a new look to the environment in which the employees are working so that they feel fresh and […]

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Hospital employee id badge

250+ Best ID Card Layouts

Almost every organization in the United States is using an ID card system for better identification of the authorized people. The use of the ID card system has become very cost-effective and efficient. Most of the organizations use the id card to know whether the person entering the premises of the company is a legitimate person or not since the […]

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Hospital staff id card template

Hospital Staff ID Badges

Different types of health care providers work in hospitals that require to be identified. The id badge is an effective tool used in hospitals for properly and easily identifying the legitimate health providers. You can find various kinds of employees in a hospital such as medical staff, security personnel, administration and a lot more. Differentiation between each category of hospital […]

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Press Reporter ID Card Template

Media Pass Templates

Media passes are prepared for an event when the media is required to get permission to access the event. If you are a journalist or a photographer who has to do the photo shoot of an event, you will have to get the media-pass as an authorization. The media passes are present in a number of forms and designs which […]

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Employee ID Card Sample Horizontal Design

Vertical Blank ID Cards

ID cards are one of the biggest sources of identification. Every organization these days uses identification cards for ensuring the security in its premises. The ID card can be prepared in horizontal or vertical design. The template for vertical blank ID Cards can be downloaded for free from many websites. These websites provide the blank card that enables the user […]

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Employee ID Card Sample Horizontal Design

Horizontal & Vertical Design ID Cards

Identity card or what we call ID cards are increasingly becoming popular in organizations and public buildings in the face of security concerns. These cards help identify a member of the organization, so when they enter their office buildings or premises they can show their authorization to enter the premises. In fact, in many places, even a well-known employee or […]

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Paramedic staff id card

Paramedic ID Badges

A paramedic is a professional providing health care service outside the hospital in order to respond to different types of emergencies. Generally, paramedical professionals work in the ambulance. The most important operation performed by these professionals is autonomous decision making regarding the health of the person in an emergency. In some countries, the personnel working in the ambulance is known […]

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Laboratory ID Card Template

Laboratory ID Badges

Laboratory id badges are issued to people working in the laboratory. The purpose of the id badge in the laboratory is to control the access and to identify anyone who is entering the laboratory. There are some very dangerous chemicals and equipment present in the laboratory that should not be touched or used by anyone but those who are granted […]

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Press Reporter ID Card Template

Press Pass Templates

Sometimes, it becomes useful to recognize yourself as a journalist whenever it is needed. The media agencies issue the press cards to their reporters, photographers, writers and other professionals. The press card cannot replace the identity card issued by the government. These cards are only used by the agencies to recognize their workers as legitimate newspersons working for their organization. […]

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Police ID Card

Fake Police ID Badge Templates

A police department is one of the critical departments of law enforcement. The law enforcement ID badges serve a number of important functions. What is the purpose of police ID cards? The purpose of ID badges is to identify the staff of the police department. Benefits of ID badges: Some of the key benefits of ID badges in the police […]

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Scientist ID Badge Sample

Scientist ID Badges

If you are a scientist who works in the lab, you should get yourself an ID badge for your identification. There are different labs in which scientists perform different experiments. Not everyone should be given access to these labs. The ID badges used by scientists are used for their identification. There are also many other purposes of using ID badge […]

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Pilot ID Badge Sample

Pilot ID Card Templates

What is pilot id badge? Every member of the crew wears an ID badge in order to be identified as a crew member easily. A pilot is the most important and prominent part of the crew who is also required to have an id badge. The id badges are worn in order to ensure that no illegal or unauthorized entry […]

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Photographer ID Card Template

Photographer ID Card Templates

These days, no event can be considered complete without photographers. Whether it is a wedding or anniversary event, the presence of the photographer is inevitable. The company issues the ID badges to its photographers to let everyone know that they belong to the company. The ID badges for photographers ensure that the photographer only with the ID badge is the […]

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NGO ID Card Template

Event ID Badge Templates

Event id badges are designed to be used in an event that is organized in any organization. Whether you are going to conduct a fundraising program or a formal event, you can always give a pleasant experience to the attendees by using the event id badge. The purpose of using the event id badges is to identify all the attendees […]

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Volunteer ID Badge Template

Volunteer ID Cards

Many non-profit organizations and educational institutes use volunteer id badges. These badges have a critical role to play when it comes to providing security to everyone working in the organization through the process of identification. The purpose of volunteer id badges is to identify the volunteers working in the organization. The volunteer id badges provide the main information about the […]

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ID Badge Designs and Sizes

An employee ID badge is an essential part of today’s organizations be it a small or a big enterprise. Its main purpose is to make the employee identification easy and quick. The idea of employee identification through ID cards or ID badges has been applied by organizations since forever. However, with the technological developments and increased security threats, the ID […]

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MS Word Teacher ID Card Template

School ID Cards

Identification of a member from a non-member has become critical over time due to increasingly weakened security conditions. Institutions, such as schools, have started putting more efforts into making cards that can easily track their students by issuing them school ID cards. As the name states, school identification cards are for the recognition and identification of students. These ID cards […]

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Staff ID Card Template

Fake Employee ID Badges

Use of employee ID badge/card is not really a new idea. Corporations have been using the basic ID badges since very long that entailed information like name along with the picture of an employee. Technology has, however, changed the basic employee ID badge to a contemporary one that contains a lot of information such as fingerprints, barcodes etc. Nowadays, it […]

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ID Card Template Word

Creative ID Badge Designs

Employee badges are identification cards provided to the employees by their organization. These cards act as proof of employment and association of an employee to their organization. The ID badge system is used by an organization to maintain separate track records of the employees. There are two types of badges. The first type of badge is a plain card with […]

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Word ID Card Template

Blank ID Cards/Badges

Blank ID cards are one of the most useful cards as they give you a chance to add every detail on the card of your choice. In other words, it is like a canvas on which your details are printed. These cards are primarily designed for those people who don’t know how to design a card for their business. One […]

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ID Card Template 2018

Conference and Seminar ID Cards

The basic purpose of using ID Cards in conferences and seminars is the identification. In conferences and seminars, there is a huge gathering of people. Such places require more protection. In order to ensure the security of every person in the meeting or seminar, the conference and seminar ID cards are used. These cards are issued to every individual who […]

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NGO Employee ID Card

NGO Employees ID Cards

Non-government organizations work independently without any support of the government. These organizations work for education, health, and many other social problems. Such companies invite other people to join them to work for the betterment of poor people with financial or any other type of instability. People who want to join them become the member of these organizations. They are also […]

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Construction company id badge template

Construction Workers Photo ID Badges

There are myriads of benefits that ID cards provide to everyone in the construction industry. Protection to each and every part of the construction site is the key purpose of using the ID badge. A comprehensive ID card should be prepared in order to get the maximum benefits. ID badges are required to be used by construction workers in order […]

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Health Club ID Badge Sample

Health Club ID Card Templates

Different health clubs are working in different areas to ensure that the members stay safe. These ID cards are used basically to identify the members of the club. People who have issued these cards also feel proud of being identified as a member of a health club. You can create a unique and attractive ID card for your health club […]

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Gym Membership ID Badge Template

Gym Photo ID Badges

What is gym photo ID badge? The ID badge which is issued solely to members of the gym for their authorization and identification is known as gym photo ID badge. Gym photo ID badges are used to facilitate safe and easy identification of all the members of the gym. Due to an increased focus on health and fitness, use of […]

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