Membership id badge design

Membership ID Badge Templates

Membership ID badges If you are running an organization or want to be a part of any organization, the use of membership ID badges will be very beneficial for you as well as for the organization. What is the membership ID badge? It is an ID card that is issued by all those people who become a member of an […]

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ID Badge Template

Free ID Badge Templates

ID cards are used everywhere. In different kind of facilities, the use of ID cards is essential. There are different purposes served by ID cards. The purpose you want them to use for totally depends on the industry where they are needed. The basic purpose of using ID cards is to identify the cardholder. Mainly, ID cards are used to […]

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Employee Photo ID Badge

Custom Photo ID Badges

Every company gives importance to its security because it ensures the integrity of the company. Photo ID badges are given too much importance because when the entire staff of the company is seen wearing photo ID badges, they give the impression of company’s concern on security and professionalism. What is the purpose of photo ID badge? The photo ID badge […]

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Church Employee ID Card

Church Photo ID Badges 2020

Church id badges   Church badges are helpful for you in identifying the staff member of the church. These badges are issued by the management of the church to only those people who work in the church. No matter it’s a paid employee or the volunteer one, badges are always necessary to make an identification. What is the purpose of […]

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Online ID Card Template

MS Word Free ID Card Maker

MS Word as ID Card Maker The identity cards with black and white colors used to be very common. These cards used to look very boring and dull. Now, you can prepare a colored and beautiful ID card. You may be in need to get an ID card which is more than a white paper of traditional size and design. […]

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Job ID Card

Job ID Card Templates

Nowadays job requirements are changing. The office staff and the visitors must be distinguished so that one knows who is who. One of the techniques discovered for this purpose is to use id cards for the employees. An id card is a small introductory document that an employee wears around his neck so that other people know who is present there. […]

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Online ID Card Template

Online ID Card Templates

ID cards are becoming mandatory be it a school, university or even at work. Due to these ID cards, it has become possible to identify the employees and reduce any chances of fraud and theft. An ID card, used anywhere, will have the same items such as the name, photo, designation, job title and a digital barcode. ID cards are […]

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Staff Photo ID Card

Staff Photo ID Cards

Identity is very important in life. In the recent years, identification has gained popularity due to security and safety issues. ID cards have become a necessity wherever we go. Be it traveling abroad or even at work, photo ID cards have become mandatory. Most of the offices and companies require the staff to wear photo ID cards at all times. […]

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Fire Department Employee ID Card

Fire Department Employees ID Cards

ID cards are very important for every individual. However, for some departments and services, it is very crucial to have ID cards. ID cards make it easy to identify the real self of a service provider. It is very important for a firefighter to have an ID card. Firefighters are very vigilant and fast service providers. They need to be […]

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Service Dog ID Badge

Service Dog ID Cards

Service dogs are animals that are trained to help individuals or people with disability in their work. Any breed of dog can be trained as a service dog. So basically, service dogs are there to help you in time of need. Now, you might be thinking that why does a service dog need an ID card. It is simple. Dogs […]

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Police ID Card

Police ID Cards

Identity cards are very important in this day and time. When every company is facing security issues every day, when it is the time of social media and we are facing the identity crisis, it is very important to verify who we really are. Police ID cards are as important as any other field. But when police have a badge […]

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Labor ID Card for MS Word

5 Professional Design Labor ID Cards

The world is becoming a global village. People are traveling every day for better jobs and provision. And due to such reasons, it has become important to identify as to which region you belong to. If a labor is not having an ID card, it means it is hard for them to prove who they are and where do they […]

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Church ID Card Template

Church ID Card Templates

The security of the church is very important to be maintained. There are hundreds of people who visit the church each day. The life of all such people should not be compromised at all. Due to this, the details about every person working in the church including the background should be known by the management of the church. Moreover, a […]

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Nursing ID Card Template

5 Professional Nursing ID Cards

Identification of all the employees in an organization should be known and verified. For security concerns, many organizations don’t allow the employees to enter its premises without getting their identity verified. For this, the ID cards are used. These cards collect all the information about the cardholder and become the need of the owner. The use of this card in […]

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ID Card Template

ID Card Templates for 2018

Identity card use in 2018 will rise as the identification of an individual is gaining importance for security reasons. Every organization wants to make sure that their employees are wearing those id badges for the number of reasons. It includes Recognizing their staff to the visiting customers To use the card for online attendance system To immediately recall the employee […]

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Employee Identity Badge Template

Identity Card Templates

Here are the first five best employee identity card templates for 2018. These professional design id cards have a unique color scheme and layout that makes it visible from a distance. The id card ranges from decent office wearing to glamorous touch for everyone. Both male and female staff can look for various colors depending upon their choices. As our […]

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Employee id card format in word

Vertical Size ID Cards

We are presenting here 10 amazing editable designs of vertical size id cards. These id cards are designed by our professionals and they have left no stone unturned to make these cards look professional & eye-catching as well. The best thing about all the cards is that these are free. YES, all these cards are free to download and personalize. […]

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id card template word

5 Employee ID Card Format in Word

Wearing an id card makes you look professional. Every organization today look for some professionally designed id cards for their employees. Designing an id card with suitable colors and designing takes time and require expertise with designing tools. Not everyone is capable of designing these cards. Looking for professionals in the market is a hectic job. Finalizing with someone to […]

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ID Card Template Word

ID Card Template Word

People are searching for readymade ID cards for employees. Wearing an id card gives an employee the identity which distinguishes him from others. Designing one’s own ID card is a difficult task as it needs professional expertise. One option is to look for some professional who can design for you a professional looking card while the other option is to […]

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Staff ID Card Template

Doctor ID Card Templates

It has become a common practice in every hospital to make the doctors working in it carry an ID card. In some hospitals, it has been strictly asked that each doctor who is interacting with the patients directly should carry an ID card with him. A patient feels very comfortable when he sees the doctor carrying ID card. The ID […]

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Staff ID Card Template

10 Best Staff ID Card Templates

Using the templates for the staff ID cards can prove to be effective and efficient at the same time. All you have to do is to go through the templates we have uploaded and chosen any one of it that you like. All the cards are of the best quality and professionally made. We all know how important the staff […]

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Medical Staff ID Card Template

6 Best Medical Staff ID Card Templates

Hospitals are full of staff and people and sometimes it can become a serious problem to identify who to take help from when needed. As the staff can range from doctors to the ward boys, you can never be sure by just looking at the uniform, at this moment, an ID card does the work. You can simply download any […]

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Company ID Card Template

8 Best Company ID Card Templates

If you have come to this page, it means you do understand the importance and need of an ID card in an organization, big or small. An organization will need its employees to have ID cards for identification purposes, mainly. If you have reached this site for the same purpose, do not hesitate, scroll down and find any card which […]

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Office ID Card Template MS Word

5 Best Office ID Card Templates

It does not matter that whether you are working in a small scale business or multinational one, you will need an employee ID card mainly for identification. The other perks may include getting the due benefit in parking, cafes and even while unlocking the entry doors. In other words, by just using a simple office ID card, the employees can […]

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Security Guard ID Card Template

4 Best Security Guard ID Card Templates

No matter what the reason is, security is needed everywhere and for this purpose, security guards are hired especially. Security guards are then provided with special ID cards for their identification and for making things more secure and threat free. We have a range of 4 best security guard ID card templates for you. These ID cards are best in […]

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Teacher ID Card Template

10 Best ID Cards for Teachers/Professors

Most of the institutions are making it compulsory for everyone on campus to have an identification card around his/her neck. This decision may have come out of increasing security risks or merely identification purpose, whatever may the reason be, everyone should have a separate kind of identification card for easy identification. For making the process a bit easier, we have […]

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Investigator ID Badge Template

5 Best Investigator ID Card Templates

We all know being an investigator is a tough job. A lot of it resides on the goodwill and impression that an investigator can create on his clients. For the first good impression, a professional ID card can do wonders for you. We have compiled a list of 5 best investigator ID card templates for you, which are easily downloadable […]

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Corporate Professional ID Card Template

5 Best Corporate Professional ID Cards

These special ID cards are best for the corporate use as these cards give a professional look overall and can be used for multiple purposes. You can choose any of these five best professional ID cards and you can get the card of size 3.38’’ X 2.13’’. These cards can be the best template for you as the text on […]

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Press Reporter ID Card Template

10 Best Press Reporter ID Card Templates

Journalism, as we all know, has existed in any form since the inception of human beings. It may have evolved in times, but the traveling of news remained an important aspect of our life. People have always been interested in knowing what world is up to and how things are unfolding themselves. For this purpose, journalists have to travel to […]

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Employee ID Card Template for MS Word

8 Best Professional Design Vertical ID Cards

From the theme observed in an office to the environment it follows, everything needs to be professional if the management wants to give an impression of professionalism. Although we could not help you out in any other way, to ease the struggle we have compiled the top 8 most professional vertical designs of ID cards. You can download any of […]

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