Accountant ID badge template

Employee ID Badges

An employee ID badge is an identity card worn by a person for identification purposes. It is mostly made up of a piece of paper, plastic or metal. Usually it consists of a photo, Name of the employee, organization’s logo, barcode along with other employee details. Importance of Employee ID Badges Employee ID badges have become one of the most […]

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Office staff badges

MS Word as ID card making software

MS stands for Microsoft, a company that released a business level word processor software with the purpose of creating, editing, saving, printing, copying, pasting, moving and deleting text within a document. It serves us with formatting text, such as font type, bolding, underlining or italicizing. Marketable versions of Word are registered as a separate product or as a module of […]

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Custom Photo ID Badge

Professional ID Badge Templates

Initially, the id badges were designed to identify the badge holder. With the passage of time, people starting using these badges of many other purposes. These days, these cards have becomes a common source of branding, identification and also for availing many services. Importance of id badges: The id badges are given so much importance in the business world. The […]

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ID Badge Format

ID Badge Formats

ID badges are increasingly becoming important owing to the rise in security risks. With advances in security technology, the risks have also risen should identification fail. Therefore, all organizations issue ID badges or ID cards to their employees. Usually, ID badges must be worn throughout the office hours. In fact, even students in colleges and universities are given ID cards […]

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Employee id card format in word

Employee Badge Maker

Employee id badges are official cards issued by organizations to their employees. The cards serve the purpose of employment verification and identification respective to their organization. There are two main types of identification card systems a company can choose from. The most common type of identification card is the minimal detail card which has the employee’s organization name, their status […]

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Office ID Card Sample

Smart ID Badge Templates

ID badges are a system used by organizations to identify and keep track records of their employees. This system is used by employees as definite proof of employment and association to their place of work. Human errors can be made very easily when employees must report manually to their workplace, for example by filling their name and working time information […]

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Custom ID Card Template

ID Cards: The History, Types, Sizes & Templates

History In early days up to World War 1, the only means of a person’s identification was his/her passport. After some time, countries issued identification documents to verify a person’s identity. The document contains legal and authentic information about its beholder. Advancements were made and in 1876, the need of adding personal photograph into identity documents which include all samples […]

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Photo ID Badge Template

ID Badge Templates

Employment identification badges are used to uniquely identify an employee in an organization, to represent the business’s public image, for enhanced security and simplifying scheduling procedures. Organizations on all scales (large to small) use these Id badges for their personnel. Modern-day employment badges are much more than just a portrayal of employer id and photograph. With increased technology of magnetic […]

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Online ID Card Template

Online Free Employee Id Card Designs

Employee ID cards enable the organization to identify the employees. These cards are widely used whether you work in a small shop or a big company. The employees also avail cashless payment services with the help of employee ID card. The security of the company is also ensured through these cards. The use of identification card for employees ensures that […]

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