School ID Card/Badges Templates

School Id cards are tools for identifying students and faculty of the school. Anyone who belongs to the school has to wear that id card that is unique for every school. Every person has one identification card and the details of every card are unique since they belong to unique people.

So, whenever a person has to get a school ID card, he will be required to have a template and then he will personalize it to make it suitable for him.

What information does an ID card for school cover?

Basic information that every identity card holds includes:

  1. First name and surname of the cardholder
  2. A recent photograph of the cardholder
  3. Date of birth
  4. A unique Id card number

Depending on the needs of the school, the id card can also include many other details that are not common. For instance, in the case of a student’s card, the school mentions the grade of the student and also assigns unique colors to each grade so that students can be identified quickly.

ID cards in school have…

A school renders many benefits when it uses ID cards and this is the reason, we see every school making use of them. Some common benefits are discussed below:

Fast identification:

The ID card should not be able to identify the legitimate person only but to identify him quickly. Since these cards keep the distinction between students and teachers belonging to different departments and grades, you can easily identify the student quickly.

Ensures the safety of the school:

One of the primary purposes of using the ID card is to ensure that the school building stays safe by preventing unauthorized access to the school. The card is usually shown at the entrance which prevents unauthorized people from entering the school.

Handles finances:

Some financial facilities are available to students and faculty of the school only such as a loan. When anyone applies for a loan, they can use the barcode of the card to access it and pay it back.

For controlling access:

Almost every part of the school is for only those people who are directly or indirectly associated with the school. For instance, the library of the school can be accessed by students of the school only and the laboratory can be accessed by science students only. This way, the school ensures that the assets of the school remain protected. 

Only those people who are allowed to enter the library or laboratory can show that they are a legitimate part of the school. This can be done by having an id card.

What are some quality aspects of the id card made for the educational institute?

Some of the quality attributes that must be possessed by the identity card are:

It should be sturdy:

To make a card last longer, a material should be used that is strong and sturdy. For this purpose, most educational institutes use PVC plastic to create their id badges. Cards made with PVC plastic cannot be bent and they also don’t decompose easily.

It should be compact:

There is a standard Id card size that is followed in every institute. This standard size is generally company and people find it very easy to carry around since it can easily fit in their wallet. However, students and faculty members are required to wear these cards over their dresses for quick identification.

It should use the correct format:

We have seen that most of the Id cards follow almost the same format with a slight difference. We have accustomed to seeing this format so much that we look for the same details at the same places on the card. When we are creating the identification badge, we should try to ensure that we also follow the right format so that we make it easy for the reader to find out the required detail on the card.

Using the template:

These days, we can easily find a template that helps us create the card of our choice and personalize it according to our needs. People who want to reflect professionalism must use the template.

–> School principal ID card templates

School Principal ID Badge

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
Format: Horizontal & Vertical

–> School ID card templates

Teacher ID Card Template

Dimension: 3.38″ x 2.13″
Format: Horizontal & Vertical

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